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NOTTINGHAM: This team will be “our role model” in the future, India captain Virat Kohli said after the rainy opener against England ended in a draw on Sunday, meaning that they will stick to the 4-1 combination for the remainder of the season. series of five tests.

It will therefore be a draw between Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin in the next four matches, the former being preferred for the first Test in which India was deprived of victory due to persistent rain that swept through the entire region. fifth day of play.

“We expected rain on day three and four, but she chose to come on day five. It would have been fun to play and watch, but it’s a shame,” Kohli said after the game.

“That’s exactly what we wanted to do; start strong. On day five we knew we had our chances. We definitely felt like we were on top of the game.”

India were expected to score 157 points on the final day, but the rain did not allow a single ball to be thrown.

“Getting that lead was crucial, but it’s a shame we weren’t able to complete Day 5. Reaching 50 overnight was important. We just didn’t want to play for survival. Our intention allowed us. to stay one step ahead. It’s a tough three odd week job for our bowlers with the bat. “

Kohli added, “We were talking about a lead of around 40 but we ended up with 95 and those leads were gold dust.”

“It will most likely be our role model in this series, but adaptability has been our strength. The conditions and pace at the wicket have to be seen, but this team will be our role model. England and India have always been one. blockbuster, and awaiting the next test. “

In the new round of the World Test Championship, India and England have scored four points each.

Only over 250 overs out of a maximum of 450 were possible due to bad weather.

India, chasing a goal of 209, were well placed at 52 for an overs in 14 by the end of matchday four.

Although India has its nose in front of it, English skipper Joe Root said the rain had spoiled “what would have been a very interesting last day”.

“Great test match to play and watch as well. Set up the series really well and hopefully we can win in the next few matches. We definitely thought we could win. We knew we would have opportunities if we did. took our catches and kept our fields.

“It’s a shame it ended that way. There are some areas where we want to improve. We want to improve at the top of the order and take our takes. We need strong characters. We want to keep. that enthusiasm is fun to score points and a fun game. “

It would have taken an incredible bowling effort from England to stop India from scoring 209 points despite the overcast skies.

Root added: “I really savor the opportunities that come our way. We have to deal with it until the schedule changes and the setup changes. Experienced guys have an easier time going from the white ball to the test. cricket, but the younger ones might not have that experience. It must be tough enough for our young people, but that’s no excuse. “

About his hundred in the second round he said: “Finally coming to my century was a relief considering how I played throughout the day. I think India has a really good game. sewing attack and thank them for the way they played.

“I just wanted to put the pressure back on them with a few shots. I certainly feel full of confidence on the back of that.”

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