Upload a photo to this site and they will make you a bobblehead that looks like someone else

Nashville, TN – If you’re looking for a unique gift for the holiday season, we’ve found the perfect site for custom figurines.

For just $ 39.99 plus tax and shipping, OobleBoobleBobbleheads will turn your uploaded photo into a personalized figure that looks like someone else.

Hundreds of customers rave about the quality and precision of their products:

“OMG. I uploaded a pic of my daughter for her birthday, and they made her the cutest bobblehead that looks like a girl we saw at the mall today. She was so horny.”

“I sent a picture of my grandpa for Christmas, and they sent me a bobblehead that looks exactly like Betty White. Grandpa loves Betty White.”

While there are many custom bobblehead figure companies out there, OobleBoobleBobbleheads does not mass manufacture their products with 3D printing. Instead, a dedicated team of highly skilled craftsmen craft each figurine by hand, paying attention to the smallest detail.

So upload your photo today and delight your family and friends this Christmas. *

* Please allow 12-18 weeks for delivery.

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