Twin Falls Animal Shelter ‘Bursting at the Seams’

If adopting a new furry friend for your family is on your Christmas list, don’t wait any longer. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is overcrowded and in need of homes for their cats and dogs at this time.

How full is the Twin Falls Animal Shelter

Twin Falls Animal Shelter recently issued an appeal to the community to help them out of a dangerous situation. The shelter is completely filled with cats and dogs right now with more arriving every day.

Why are there so many animals at Twin Falls Animal Shelter

The animal shelter struggles to cope with the stray animals that show up and the massive number of animals abandoned by their owners. Owner-returned pets must be dropped off at a meeting time and are reserved until February with three to five per day.

Do not throw dead animals at the animal shelter

There is also an average of between five and twenty-five strayers who come to the shelter each day.

How to find your missing pet

If you have a cat or dog that has gone missing in Twin Falls, one of the first places you should check out is the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. Even if your pet isn’t there when you check in, they can watch if they show up or if someone reports they’ve found them.

Now is the perfect time to head to the Twin Falls Animal Shelter to find your new best friend or your missing best friend. You can see photos of the adoptable cats and dogs on the animal shelter’s Facebook page.

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