This free web AI tool removes unwanted objects from images

With its latest Pixel 6 series, Google introduced a nifty Magic Eraser tool in Google Photos to allow users to remove unwanted object from images using artificial intelligence (AI) and digital redrawing techniques. However, you won’t be able to use the Magic Eraser feature unless you have a Pixel device running Android 12 at your disposal. So today we have a completely free web tool that works exactly the same and allows you to remove any unwanted object from an image.

Dubbed, the web tool was developed by the engineering team who developed Clipdrop, a nifty tool for copying real-world objects and pasting them onto a computer. The team incorporated an AI model called Llama, developed by Samsung’s AI Lab, to power the tool and precisely remove objects by simply drawing on them.

How it works?

So, once you get to the official website, you will be able to import or drag any image from your computer or laptop that you want to remove an object from. Then you go get a brush to draw on the object (s) you want to remove from the image. You will also be able to adjust the brush size to accurately mark the object using your input device.

Who needs the Magic Pixel Eraser when you have this free web tool to remove objects in pictures?

Once you mark the object (s) you want to remove, the tool automatically removes it from the image, leaving you with a sharper image than the original one. Moreover, you will also be able to compare the modified and original images using the tool to see the modifications.

Sample images

I tried the tool and found it to be quite accurate. However, there are residues of the deleted objects that remain in the images after the deletion process. But, it’s still amazing how easily you can remove objects from the image. You can check out some of the examples below.

So if you are looking for a tool to remove unwanted objects from your favorite pictures like the photo bomber in your selfies, or a car that spoiled a beautiful landscape image, you can use now from its official website. In addition, it is an open source product and you can find its resources on Github to use them in your projects.

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