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This month, Prime members can expect a few changes. An Amazon Prime grocery delivery benefit will cost $ 10, but other deals and savings will remain in place so you can continue to get the most out of your membership. For now, Prime members continue to enjoy free shopping deliveries (with orders of $ 35) until October 25.

Fortunately, Amazon’s free two-day delivery isn’t going anywhere. Plus, you can still use other popular Prime perks like Main video and Top notch music (especially if you are looking to limit your monthly subscriptions). There are a few other hidden membership gems that can save you time and money that you might not know about.

We’ll walk you through what the new Whole Foods fees mean for your membership and others. Amazon grocery delivery options to limit the hassle of buying in person. And you can check out Amazon “Offers worthy of Black Friday“which can help you save money on holiday gifts or other items for your home. This story was recently updated.

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1. Free Whole Foods grocery deliveries (until October 25)

For now, Amazon offers free two-hour grocery delivery. But after October 25, you can expect a additional $ 10 fee for delivery. But if you don’t mind driving and don’t want to spend the extra cash, there are also hour-long pickup windows depending on your location – don’t forget to check in with the Amazon app to see if you need to enter the store.

Some other Whole Food benefits for Prime members are still here. Blue labels indicate exclusive sales to Prime members, while yellow labels mean an additional 10% discount on an item already on sale. This allows you to get discounts on weekly bestsellers, including fresh produce, packaged goods, and beauty products, but note that this excludes alcohol.

You can always enter your email address, phone number, or scan the QR code on your Whole Foods Market app at checkout on your next grocery run to get exclusive Prime discounts on select products. The pennies saved on items may seem like little individually, but the savings add up at the end of the shopping trip. But there is another Prime grocery perk you can take advantage of if you don’t want to pay the shipping cost.

2. Amazon fresh

Another grocery delivery option for Prime members is Amazon fresh. You can restock your pantry directly from Amazon. But instead of paying $ 10 for Whole Foods grocery delivery later this month, you can get free shipping on orders over $ 35. However, shipping is $ 6 for lower orders.

You can also use the service to get discounts when you order more or when you set up Autoship subscriptions for certain items and save even more for future deliveries. In addition, certain items, such as fruit snacks and cookies, are eligible for the SNAP program.

Prime members can also use Amazon fresh to get fresh fruits and vegetables shipped for free with orders over $ 50.

3. Two-day delivery by Amazon Pharmacy

If you refill at least one prescription regularly and are tired of going to the pharmacy, Amazon Pharmacy may be a more convenient choice. Plus, Prime members can get lower prices on drugs. Amazon will handle the transfer of prescriptions and 24/7 pharmacy support is available. The pharmacy works with most insurance plans, but is currently available in 45 states.

4.Premium Wardrobe and Personalized Styling Aid

Prime members can skip the trips to the mall and order clothes for the next outing with Prime Wardrobe. Here’s how it works: Choose up to eight items: clothing, shoes, or accessories. Keep them for up to seven days to see if you like them. Return for free what you don’t like and pay only for what you keep. Prime Wardrobe from Amazon is available for men, women, children and babies. And if you are looking for a new style or need help deciding, you can try the styling service for personalized help starting at $ 5 per month. If you’re unsure which clothes or shoes are eligible, look for the Prime Wardrobe icon.

5. Discounts on used products

Amazon Renewed gives you access to products that may have been opened but not used by their original owners, or that have been refurbished. Amazon guarantees that these used items work and look new, with the Amazon Renewed Guarantee. A variety of products and brands are available, even from high-end names like Apple and Vitamix.

6. Amazon Warehouse discounts

Amazon Warehouse resells millions of new and used items that have been returned by customers. Some of the products have only had their boxes opened by the original buyers before being returned, unused, so they are resold at a discount. While there is no regular manufacturing warranty on these products, they are covered by Amazon’s 30-day return policy and 90-day Renewed Item Return Policy.

To learn more about how you can get the most out of Amazon Warehouse, check out our guide to buying the best. Amazon warehouse offers.

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7. Amazon Outlet overstock items

Much like a brick and mortar factory outlet, but without the gas money. The Amazon Outlet offers overstock items and other products at discounted prices. Like at a point of sale, you can find premium brands, items under $ 10, and items ranging from home furnishings and clothing to books and pet supplies. It’s a great place to stay on a budget while still being the first owner, unlike some items in the Amazon warehouse.

Keep in mind that while the online shopping experience is convenient, just like a point of sale, the best deals can take a sieve to find. Fortunately, you can do this from the couch.

8. Limited Time Lightning Deals and Discounts

Amazon’s Lightning Deals are a promotion where a product or service is on sale for a short time or until it sells out. You can find them all over the site, but mostly on Prime Day and in Today’s Deals. On Prime Day, Lightning offers are only available to Prime members.

There is one flash deal per customer until the promotion ends or all offers are claimed by other buyers. You can join a waitlist for an offer, but keep in mind that these discounts are extremely urgent, so grab them quickly. Unless you refresh the page over and over again, these offers aren’t necessarily the tool to find something specific due to their fleeting nature and limited availability.

9. 5 GB of storage with Amazon Photos

Amazon’s online shoebox for photos and videos offers secure, unlimited full-resolution photo storage as well as 5GB of video for Prime members. To use this feature, you can choose to manually or automatically upload media in the Amazon Photos app. You can customize displays on Amazon devices like Fire TV, Echo Show, and Fire tablets as long as you have the app. There are also ways to create memories using the images you upload, such as cards and personalized prints.

With the Family Vault benefit, up to five family members can share the same plan. If you want more than what Prime offers, there are paid plans available. If you choose to switch, which can be done at any time, there is a 100GB option for $ 2 per month and a 1TB plan for $ 7 per month.

10. Gift cards when you redeem used devices

Amazon is getting on the train for the sustainability station, and that’s something you can directly benefit from. With Amazon Trade-In, you can return your used electronics in exchange for Amazon gift cards. Be sure to check each product’s eligibility – some redemption options are only available for a limited time.

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