The problem of Procreate 5.2 with pixelated or blurry images would be fixed soon

Procreate is a painting app available only on iPad that offers a host of features for professional artists and casual users. However, it looks like its most recent update brought some issues.

Procreate 5.2 User Reports (1, 2) indicate that their designs are pixelated and out of focus. Also, resizing, scaling, or tweening would produce the same effect.

Allegedly blurry or pixelated images after the Procreate 5.2 update

Procreate 5.2, the latest version of the drawing application, bring a good set of novelties to improve the drawing experience of artists.

But, some users of the app report that their drawings would have a much lower quality and sharpness than before.

Hey, Procreate users, all of my art decided to go randomly pixelated? All I did last time was update the app. Please help me, I don’t want to waste all my pixel work and commissions.

Like seriously. I don’t know why, I didn’t do anything other than update the app.

According to some reports, any process performed on the drawing in the app, such as resizing, scaling, or interpolation, will result in a pixelated or blurry image.

@ Procreate
I’m having a really hard time using the procreate 5.2 update – when resizing / tweening / scaling images they get very pixelated and unusable. Worked perfectly before the update. Hope a fix will arrive soon. I love procreate but can’t use it with this new number.

The quality of the files would not be compromised

One of the affected users reports that the problem is in the Procreate 5.2 viewfinder and not in the quality of the drawings:

for anyone having the #procreate update pixelated files problem, try exporting the files and zooming in on them. at least in my case i think most of the files look ok as soon as they are exported, and only look harsh and pixelated when zoomed in the app

Basically the user points out that after exporting the drawing created in Procreate 5.2, then opening it in the gallery and zooming in on it, the file would retain the original quality.

That is, the problem could only be in the Procreate 5.2 viewfinder, and it would not affect the final quality of the files after processing.

The Procreate team would know, a solution would arrive soon

One of the affected users points out that after making a report, Procreate’s development team reportedly responded by saying that an update would be coming soon to resolve the issue.


However, the Procreate team has yet to make an official public statement on this matter.

For now, we just have to wait for the fix to the problem to arrive soon. When more related news is released we will update this article so stay tuned.

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