The best photos from around the world

Gallery: the best photos from around the world

Gallery: the best photos from around the world

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The best photos from international news agencies chosen by our image editors.

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A young man jumps into the water as he tries to cool off at the San Juan Swamp in Pelayos de la Presa as temperatures continue to soar in Madrid, Spain. Credit:Getty Images


People place the coffin with the remains of Jozue Diaz in a grave during his burial in Oaxaca, Mexico. Jozue Díaz, from Santa María Tlahuitoltepec in the Mixe region of Oaxaca, was found dead among 52 other migrants inside an overheated 18-wheel tractor-trailer in San Antonio, Texas on June 27.Credit:Getty Images


The Capitol is seen as water sprinklers soak the National Mall on a hot summer morning in Washington Credit:PA


A medical worker tends to people injured in Russian shelling on Thursday in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Vinnytsia, Ukraine.Credit:PA


Emilia Fernandes (71) walks past her burnt house in Outeiro da Serra in Alvaiazere, Portugal. Credit:Getty Images


A cos gamer dressed in a demon lord costume attends the Comic Con convention in Caracas, Venezuela.Credit:PA


People enjoy Seoul Queer Culture Festival at Seoul Square in front of Seoul city, South Korea. Credit:Getty Images


Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall meets Mala Breeze and her dog Flora at a reception for the 160th anniversary of the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home animal welfare charity at Clarence House in London, England.Credit:Getty Images


Ukrainian nationals, Lyudnaila, 38, hugs her daughter Diana, 8, at Paszkowka Palace which serves as a shelter for Ukrainian refugees in Krakow, Poland. Credit:Getty Images


Layla Gouveia, 3, from Greenwich, is buried in the sand on Margate Beach in Margate, UK.Credit:Getty Images


A general view of the Sri Lankan President’s vandalized office inside his official residence in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Credit:Getty Images


A young woman walks over a hole made by a rocket in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Credit:Getty Images


A volunteer uses a tree branch to prevent a forest fire from reaching homes in Casal da Quinta, outside Leiria in central Portugal.Credit:PA


Barno Ismatullaeva as CIO-CIO-SAN (BUTTERFLY) during the dress rehearsal for ‘Madame Butterfly’ ahead of the 76th Bregenz Festival at Seebuehne Bregenz in Bregenz, Austria.Credit:Getty Images


This photograph shows firefighters resting on the ground after spending the night on duty in the mountains of Alvaiazere on July 15, 2022 in Alvaiazere, Portugal.Credit:Getty Images


Pedestrians and shoppers pass through the central business district of Sydney, Australia. Credit:Getty Images

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