The best booths at TEFAF New York 2022 –

After a two-year hiatus, the European Fine Arts Fair, or TEFAF, is back at New York’s Park Avenue Armory. It opens to the public today and will run until May 10.

This is the first in-person TEFAF show since the March 2020 event in Maastricht, the Netherlands, held just before the coronavirus outbreak shut down most cultural gatherings. More than 91 galleries from 14 countries showed up in New York, and all intend to impress equally with top-notch offerings of modern European and contemporary art. London’s Dickinson Gallery presents ‘Visible and Tangible Form’, a stunning exhibition of Bauhaus, Op art and concrete art, and Brussels’ Vedovi Gallery presented remarkable embroidery work by Alighiero Boetti alongside artisans Afghans. But these are only two highlights among many others.

Antiques and Old Master paintings are what TEFAF is best known for, although they have largely taken the back seat. An exception comes at the stand of Galerie Bernard Dulon in Paris, which stands out for assembling the fair’s first offering of classic African art. Meanwhile, Roman mosaics and carved marble statues enjoy the flattering lowlights of the Armory’s majestic second-floor galleries.

Below is an overview of the show’s seven best deals.

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