The art of texting: Justine Ang Fonte, health educator, talks about leaving stress and anxiety behind

Sending that perfect text doesn’t have to be so stressful.

This is according to an intersectional health educator Justine Ang Fonte.

I hope I can help people formulate sentences, phrases, or even an entire text message to help them set boundaries on their own. – Justine Ang Fonte, health educator

Courtesy of Justine Ang Fonte

She launched the Instagram account _good.byes_, which offers ghostwriting templates and services for people who struggle to navigate the dating world, but also coworkers, bosses, and other anxiety-provoking scenarios.

I often get requests from subscribers saying, “I’ve been on a few dates with this person. They’re really cool, but I just don’t feel enough chemistry and I don’t know how to let them down without having the ‘mean look,’ says Fonte, who recently wrote an article on the art of communicating by text for Spectrum Journal.

In this situation, ”adds Fonte,“ a lot of people decide to just ghost and hope the other person understands that they are no longer interested. You end up with this disconnect between two human beings that can be really hurtful due to the lack of communication.

Fonte says she came to see a need for this service based on her own experience with dating and her work in consent education.

Listen: Justine Ang Fonte, health educator, explains how to set boundaries and communicate better by SMS.

I applied as a nature sex educator, if you will, a lot of my own consent education, which is a big part of setting boundaries, ”says Fonte. “In turn, I decided to create a service for people on Instagram who might have a hard time setting boundaries with the people in their lives, starting with their love life.”

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