The 8 Biggest Moments From the Platinum Jubilee Party at the Palace

The four-day celebrations surrounding the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this weekend were marked by glitz and pageantry – but even so, in terms of spectacle, nothing was going to rival tonight’s party at the palace.

A variety show featuring pop royalty (hello Diana Ross and Elton John), military drummers, DJs, musical theater performances and even a Paddington Bear cameo, the concert took place at the Victoria Memorial outside the Palace of Buckingham in front of a crowd of 22,000 people.

Here, find all the most unforgettable moments of tonight’s event.

It all started with the Queen having tea with Paddington Bear

The Queen and Paddington Bear bond over tea in the opening clip from tonight’s concert. Photo: Getty Images

While the Queen may be watching tonight’s show from the comfort of her home at Windsor Castle, it wouldn’t be a Jubilee celebration without an appearance from the Woman of the Hour. The form that arrived, however, was a bit more unexpected.

As proceedings began, a short film featuring the monarch began, in which she sat across from a table of none other than Paddington Bear. “Tea?” Paddington asked, before trying to pour a cup and then awkwardly spilling it all over the place, adding, with a hint of embarrassment: “It’s okay.”

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