Teenager used Mr Martini’s web name to access images of child sexual abuse

A teenager downloaded images of child abuse from an online messaging site after logging in as Mr Martini.

Jack Stevens was found at his home in Newton Abbot after police noticed illegal activity on the Kik app he was using to chat with strangers through his iPad.

He had films and photographs that showed children as young as two years old being very seriously abused and he had also logged into a “teen orgy” website.

He was spared an immediate jail sentence after a judge learned he was so disgusted by his own behavior that he wants to “collapse to the ground” every time he thinks about it.

Stevens, now 21, of Drake Road, Newton Abbot, admitted three counts of making (uploading) indecent pictures of children between November 2018 and April 2020, when he was 18 or 19 years old.

He was jailed for 10 months, suspended for two years, by Judge Peter Johnson at Exeter Crown Court. He was also sent to a sex offender treatment program, sentenced to 45 days of rehabilitation activities and 150 hours of unpaid community work, at a cost of £ 340.

He was the subject of a Sexual Injury Prevention Order that allows police to monitor his online activity and register him in the sex offender registry, both for 10 years.

The judge told him, “Some of these children were little more than babies, but it is clear that there was genuine remorse on your part.”

Prosecution Mr Thomas Faulkner said police learned in 2020 that a Kik user logged in as Mr Martini 67 or Joseph Markle was uploading or exchanging child abuse material on Kik.

Stevens was found by his IP address and two phones and an iPad were seized with 199 images or films. Of these, 13 images and seven films were accessible and in the most serious category, showing penetrating child abuse.

The children were between the ages of two and 15, and one of the most extreme showed a four-year-old girl experiencing severe abuse.

Miss Evie Dean, defending, said Stevens was still a teenager when he committed the offenses and joined the focus group because it made him feel wanted. He has become desensitized by online activity.

She said he signed up for the Stop it Now course, wanted to enter a sex offender program and was so ashamed of what he had done that he “wanted to collapse on the floor when he thought about it “.

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