Stefon Diggs’ ‘Girl Scout Cookies’ Photo Goes Viral [TWEET]

The Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs kick off in just over 24 hours and this is without a doubt the most anticipated playoff game in the NFL playoffs to date.

Josh Allen vs. Patrick Mahomes with two of the best offenses in the entire NFL, and both teams have topped performances in their Wild Card games.

The no-division rivalry between the Bills and Chiefs has grown over the past calendar year and reminds people of the Brady-Patriots/Manning-Colts rivalry for many years. Allen and Mahomes are the two best young quarterbacks in the league.

The Bills traveled to Kansas City today for tomorrow’s AFC Divisional Round game, and Bills star receiver Stefon Diggs decided to make a statement with one of the best cookie flavors ever. all time.

Diggs was captured in the photo by the Bills heading to the team’s plane for Kansas City, but Katherine Fitzgerald of The Buffalo News noticed what Diggs was holding in the photo.

Diggs carried a box of Girl Scout Cookies on the team plane, but not just any flavor of Girl Scout Cookies, the criminally underrated flavor of Samoa.

Thin mints get all the love when it comes to Girl Scout cookies, but the Samoans are definitely here for the best flavor.

People noticed in the thread.

Diggs is hoping to avenge last year’s heartbreaking AFC Championship loss, and the now famous photo of Diggs being the last player left on the field for the Bills watching the Chiefs celebrate.

Kickoff is tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. on CBS.

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