Snapchat paedo ‘dark web’ images discovered by Yorkshire phone shop owner – as he is put back behind bars

A dangerous pedophile who was caught with horrific child abuse images after swapping his mobile phone in a shop in Yorkshire is back behind bars.

Stewart Tivendale was first convicted in 2018 after a shop owner in Redcar found photos of a 13-year-old naked girl labeled “dark web” on Tivendale’s cellphone and called the police. Another 24 disturbing images were found by officers alongside 1,193 on Tivendale’s computer and another phone.

Some of the victims in these images were as young as nine years old. The court heard the 26-year-old served a three-year sentence after he was caught with 11 hours of footage depicting horrific child sex abuse, Live reports from Teesside.

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He also systematically searched for such content and messaged boys and girls online asking for indecent images and videos. After his time behind bars, he was again caught with child abuse footage, some involving girls as young as four.

Investigators discovered a total of 605 photographs, 161 of which were in the most serious category A. Tivendale spent two years locked in with an extended license term of three years.

At sentencing in January last year, Judge Peter Armstrong told him: “I have come to the conclusion that you are considered a dangerous offender and therefore an extended sentence is appropriate.” Tivendale was released from prison on January 21, but it wasn’t long before he started committing crimes again.

In May, he was again using Snapchat and Kik with a cell phone he had not declared to the police. Officers checked Tivendale out of the blue on May 6 this year.

As the house had no doorbell, they rang his phone but it took Tivendale a while to come and open it. Once inside, the offender manager said he spotted a Goodman USB charger in Tivendale’s bedroom.

Although Tivendale claimed he spent his time reading, watching TV and playing computer games, his supervisor found a hidden Samsung phone after a short search. Teesside Crown Court heard he signed his court order on February 3, confirming he understood he had to declare any internet-connected devices he had access to.

On Monday June 6, Tivendale, of Westbourne Street, Stockton, was sentenced to 20 months in prison after pleading guilty to two breaches of his sexual abuse prevention order at an earlier hearing. He told the court that he wanted to take classes in prison that would help him solve his problems.

These classes were not available during his previous prison term due to coronavirus restrictions.

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