Satellite images show before and after the Apiate explosion

14 confirmed dead in Apiate blast

A vehicle carrying a mining explosion involved in an accident

Apiate community razed by explosion

Tragedy struck in Apiate in the West Region on Thursday 2022, when transported mining explosives detonated on a highway crossing the commune.

The crash resulted in 13 confirmed fatalities and over a hundred recorded injuries.

Besides the human casualties, the Apiate explosion resulted in the destruction of several properties, including buildings covering much of the city.

Satellite images of a before and after the blast revealed, among other things, the level of destruction the disaster caused to residents of Apiate who were left largely homeless as a result of the incident.

More than half of the entire city appears leveled by the impact of the blast, as seen in the aerial photo.

Meanwhile, the government of Ghana says it is working to rebuild Apiate through the State Housing Company.

According to the police’s preliminary investigation, a truck carrying mining explosives was involved in an accident with a motorcycle and a tricycle.

A fire caused by the accident would have detonated the explosives.

See the before and after view of Apiate below:


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