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Proposed by Scarlett johnston

Journalist of Club 4-H du Lac Rose / Miocene

Salvation! Club 4-H Lac Rose / Miocène warmly invites you to the 63rd annual exhibition and sale this summer! RLM has been around for 52 years and we have 31 members this year.

Our club projects include: Beef, Pork, Sheep, Rabbit, Food, Horse, Small Engines, Photography and Cloverbuds! Our club members have been busy taking care of their plans and learning new skills while having fun. We certainly appreciated being able to meet again in person. We have come together to organize fun project days such as Cow Camp, Rabbit Party, Horse Meetings, Sheep Shearing and much more. We hope to see you at the Show and Sale! All of our club members are very happy to see you all. Thank you to everyone who supported the Lac Rose / Miocene 4-H club.

Dean Bartley Lot # 140

Oink! Oink! My name is Dean Bartley. This year, I will be selling my Rooter pig. Rooter is from Back To The Roots Ranch in Horsefly BC born Jan 31, 2021. He is a Landrace Berkshire Tamworth crossbreed. He’s a happy free-roaming pig that lives in our five back acres. My other project this year is a Honda cr125R from 1985. I repaired the engine it will be on sale in August on Facebook Marketplace.

Launa Bartley Lot # 141

Hey everybody! This is Launa Bartley. My “All For One” pig is lean, large and free. This is a cross of Landrace, Berkshire, born January 31, 2021. Purchased from Back to the Roots Ranch in Horsefly, BC. He’s a good pig. My sheep project is Ewe with Lamb. I breed registered Hampshires. My lamb ram was born on March 1 and on June 19 weighed 125 pounds. It will be on private sale at the end of July.

Dominique billyboy Lot # 142

My name is Dominic Billyboy. My lot number is 142. This is my second year at the Rose Lake / Miocene 4-H Club. My project this year is a market pork. Her name is Sam. She is a Berkshire / Landrace and is starting to look really beautiful. This year I learned how to take care of a pig and even wash it. I am delighted to be going to the Show and Sale this year.

Jezebel Billyboy Lot # 143

My name is Jezebel Billyboy. This is my second year in 4-H. I am breeding a Market Rabbit, which will be auctioned Show and Sale, as well as a Doe with Litter, which will not be sold. I learned to take care of them, to clean their feet, to wear them, to show them and even to turn them on their backs. This year, I learned to raise my doe with my goat.

Katelyn French Lot # 146

Salvation. My name is Katelyn French, I am 14 years old and this is my eighth year in 4-H, first in senior. I am in the Lac Rose Miocene 4-H club and my projects this year are market lamb and horse. My lamb is a Dorset x Suffolk x North country Cheviot and his name is Schnuki. It weighs around 105 pounds and will likely have 120 by the time of sale. It has an excellent setting and continues to expand.

Kimberly French Lot # 147

Hello, my name is Kimberly French and this is my 10th year in 4-H. I am part of the Club 4-H du Lac Rose Miocène and my project this year is pork. My pig is a blend of Berkshire, Yorkshire, Tamworth and Duroc named Spots. It weighs around 215 pounds and I predict it will hit around 270 pounds at the time of sale. He has worked a lot over the months and I am happy with his current length, depth and musculature.

Lucie johnston Lot # 151

Hi, my name is Lucia Johnston. I’m 16 years old and I live in the historic Onward Ranch, where my beautiful local steer, Bear, was born and raised. Bear is a Black Angus from my family’s commercial herd and is from one of our friendliest cows. Black Angus are known for their amazing marbling and fine bones with a higher meat yield. The bear is a short but stocky boy and has a long body with thin bones and a small head, which means a better yield of wasted meat. Bear is my seventh 4-H steer and I think he’s one of my best yet!

Scarlett johnston Lot # 152

Salvation! My name is Scarlett Johnston and I have a Black Angus steer named Whiskey! This year, the Whiskey had no problem gaining weight, it loves its grain! The Black Angus breed is known to have very good marbling, so this is what I count on when grading the meat. I will be selling whiskey at the 63rd Annual Show & Sale, and I hope to see you all there!

Siena Kalashnikoff Lot # 153

Hello, my name is Sienna Kalashnikoff. I am nine years old and this is my first year in 4-H. I am part of the Club 4-H du Lac Rose Miocène. I have a Simmental / Red Angus steer named Guapo. I named it after Ferdinand’s bull. My favorite thing to do with my steer is bathe and brush it. I love 4-H because I learn to do new things every day.

Chad Massey Lot # 154

Hello, my name is Chad Massey. This is my fourth year in 4-H, second year at the Lac Rose / Miocene club, and I am 10 years old. My project is a chainsaw. At first it didn’t work, but I eventually fixed it after a ton of issues with the throttle cable. It’s working pretty well now.

Sadie Massey Lot # 155

Hello, my name is Sadie Massey. I am 12 years old and have been in 4-H for 4 years. I live in a motorhome, so it’s a bit difficult to do an animal project. I do photography instead. I like to take a lot of photos and explore new things with my camera. I like to take close-ups of nature and insects.

Abraham Meier Lot # 157

My name is Abraham Meier, I have been and am proud to have been a member of the Rose Lake Miocene 4-H Club for three years and this year I became club president. I have a black Angus steer for sale this year his name is Jack I picked him in the fall when we herded our cattle he was the nicest steer and I think he is still… I estimate that it will be ready for display and sale and will weigh around 1350 pounds. Thanks for all your support.

Gabrielle Meier Lot # 158

I am Gabrielle Meier and this is my 3rd year at Club 4-H du Lac Rose Miocène. This year my market steer is a Simmental / Angus steer born May 5, 2020. On the day he was born, I told my family, this will be my steer. In the fall, he was still the best calf in the herd. My goal is for it to weigh around 1300 lbs and to be well finished for display and for sale.

Bella shoults Lot # 159

Hello, my name is Bella Shoults, this is my 7th year in 4-H. The name of my market pig project is Hay-Hay, it is a Berkshire crossbreed Landrace pig. I chose this pig because when it was young it was long, quite deep and sympathetic. He continues to grow steadily and strong. By the end of the year, I estimate it will hit nearly 250 pounds.

Jacob shoults Lot # 160

My name is Jacob Shoults. My steer is a local market steer named Yanks. Yanks came out of my mature cow Missy, and I’m very proud of how he’s grown, how deep, how much meat he can fit on him, and how wide his back is. I estimate the Yanks will weigh around 1,200 pounds per display and sale. Look for lot # 160. Thank you for your continued support of 4-h.

Sarah shoult Lot # 161

My name is Sarah Shoults. My lot # is 161 this year. I am eleven years old and this is my sixth year at Club 4-H Rose Lake / Miocene. This year my project is Foods, and I think it’s a fun project. This year, I learned that recipes can be changed by substituting ingredients. I also learned to judge food in a virtual judging competition. I’m glad we can go to Show and Sale this year.

Jessabelle trelenberg Lot # 162

My name is Jessabelle Trelenberg, I am a member of Club 4-H du Lac Rose / Miocène, I am 13 years old and this is my 4th year in 4-H. This year my market project is pork. My pig’s name is Chip and it’s a Landrace / Duroc cross. I bought it on February 15, 2021 when it weighed 15 pounds. I estimate its weight at display and for sale at 250 pounds. His parents are called Flash and Dozer, but it might as well be called Your Dinner.

Jennifer tritten Lot # 163

Hello everyone, my name is Jennifer Tritten and I have been a member of 4-H for ten years. My project this year is pork. My pig is a Hereford / Yorkshire cross named Ruby. She is red with white on her belly that continues down the sides in triangular formations. Ruby is long, deep and wide and I predict she will weigh around 290 pounds on sale night. Thank you!

Jessica tritten Lot # 164

Hello, my name is Jessica Tritten. I am 16 years old and this is my tenth year at Club 4-H Rose Lake Miocene. This year, my projects are Pork and Horse. My pig’s name is ZeZe. It is a Hereford / Yorkshire cross that is predominantly white in color with various colored spots covering its body. ZeZe is very long with a strong build. I predict her weight will be around 280 pounds by the time of sale.

Austin Van Beers Lot # 165

Salvation! My name is Austin Van Beers, this is my 5th year in 4-H. My market plan is a pig named Neville. It’s a Landrace / Hampshire / Tamworth cross, very long, deep and wide! Neville loves rubbing his stomach and scratching behind his ears! I love 4-H because I spend time with animals and learn a lot about them.

Heidi Van Beers Lot # 166

Salvation! My name is Heidi Van Beers, lot # 166. This is my 8th year in 4-h, and this year my projects are Steer and Cow / Adult Calf. My steer’s name is Moose, and he’s a big teddy bear! The moose is a Black Angus, it is long and thick. I estimate he will weigh around 1300 pounds at Show & Sale. Hope to see you there!

Lana Van Beers Lot # 167

Hello, I am Lana Van Beers! This is my 8th year in 4-H and 5th in market lamb breeding. My lamb’s name is Leo. He is an energetic North Cheviot / Suffolk / Dorset crossbreed. He’s tall, long, and has a good leg of lamb and plenty of lamb chops to savor! I really enjoy raising sheep! Thank you all for your support!

Ellie Van Immerzeel Lot # 168

Hi buyers! My name is Ellie Van Immerzeel and my lot number is 160 and I belong to the Rose Lake Miocene 4-hr club. This year I have a purebred black Simmental named Hades. Simmentals are known for their high percentage of marbling without the need for real extra fat. All of my steers have been AAA or Prime because of this higher marbling. Hades is a well-hung boy and has a great ending.

Trace Van Immerzeel Lot # 169

Hello my name is Trace Van Immerzeel, this is my 9th year in 4-H. I am in the Lac Rose Miocene 4-H club. This year I have a pig from the market, his name is Hiss. It is a cross between Duroc, Tamworth, Yorkshire and Berkshire. He was born on March 16, 2021, he was born on the Hidden Meadows Farm. Hope to see you on sale.

Zadie Van Immerzeel Lot # 170

Hi my name is Zadie and I am at the Rose Lake Miocene 4H club, my projects this year are steer and heifer. My steer is called Harry. He is a Simmental steer. Harry is a twin but he’s still so deep and beautiful. My heifer is called Hermione, she’s a little female heifer. I have had many experiences in 4H such as how to properly take care of an ox and a poultry.

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