Photo of Puppy Reveals Fraudster’s $46,000 Daily Profit

Melissa Caddick and her dogs, and (inset) Melissa Caddick’s dog, Peter Pan, sitting at the fraudster’s desk in front of documents saying she was making a profit of $46,000 a day.

In February 2021, his partial remains inside his running shoe washed up on a secluded south coast beach. An inquest into his alleged death will take place in September.

In late 2012, Caddick’s oldest friend, Kate Horn, became his first victim. His extended family then lost nearly $10 million.

In 2013, Caddick escalated his criminal efforts by creating a fake financial services company Maliver.

She simply cut and pasted a friend’s guide to financial services and inserted her own name. She also passed off her friend’s financial services license as her own.

Caddick knew she would never get the license, which is regulated by ASIC, as detailed documentation is required to prove the person has the required training and qualifications.

Anthony Koletti and Melissa Caddick chatting with guests on their wedding day on New Years Eve 2013.

Anthony Koletti and Melissa Caddick chatting with guests on their wedding day on New Years Eve 2013.

She had previously faked her qualifications by claiming she had undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the University of Technology Sydney. The university has confirmed that it does not have such degrees.

Within two months of founding Maliver, it issued a fictitious client a $1.4 million tax bill for providing “business consulting services.”


Because her tax returns on the $23 million she stole were works of fiction, Bruce Gleeson, the liquidator of her assets, is asking the Australian tax authorities for a refund of the taxes she paid on the proceeds. of his crime.

The podcast reveals that one of those who didn’t trust Caddick was his stepfather, Rodo Koletti, an accountant and justice of the peace.

He said that whenever the conversation turned to financial matters, “she got too evasive and didn’t answer questions, and went off on a tangent with things that really didn’t make sense.”

Koletti said he “just didn’t trust her.” He was right not to trust her. Whenever Caddick needed a justice of the peace to witness legal documents, she simply forged her stepfather’s signature.

This week will be eventful for his family. On Tuesday, her parents Barb and Ted Grimley and her husband Anthony Koletti will be in federal court to argue with the liquidator of Caddick’s assets.

Her husband is claiming a share of his wife’s $30 million proceeds of crime, including her Gucci wedding dress, $7 million in stock, $2 million in jewelry, two properties he claims are valued at 20 million dollars and proceeds from the sale of their luxury cars.

Anthony Koletti, a hairdresser, will be in local court on Wednesday challenging an apprehended violence order sought against him by police on behalf of ASIC lead investigator Isabella Allen.

In February, Koletti sent an email to the federal court judge assigned to decide the fate of his wife’s property. “The reason Melissa died and you don’t have a defendant is because of Isabella Allen’s gross negligence and inhumane treatment of Melissa, whether Melissa committed suicide or was murdered [sic]“Koletti wrote.

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