‘Pedo Pete’: 4Chan’s massive hack of Hunter Biden’s explicit texts, images and videos rocks the internet

Images and screenshots began circulating online Saturday night and are believed to have come from Hunter Biden’s iCloud account.

4chan users claimed to have hacked first son’s personal iCloud account, the Washington Examiner reported, although the source of the material has not yet been verified. Social media users spread the explicit content on a variety of social media platforms.

Several videos show Biden while walking along a beach and consuming drugs in the shower with a woman who calls him her “future baby daddy”.

Another one video claims to show Biden arguing with a prostitute over how much crack he had in his possession. This video only shows Biden’s face for a moment, though his pose with a cigarette matches the previous one media. (RELATED: Peter Schweizer Says Biden Received $31,000,000 From Chinese Intelligence Affiliates)

In another, Biden appears slipping naked into a swimming pool and swimming up to a woman who films it. Hunter’s father, President Joe Biden, would also like to bathe, author Ronald Kessler wrote in 2014, according in the Daily News.

“To be assigned to [Joe Biden’s] the detail is considered the second-worst Secret Service assignment,” Kessler wrote at the time.

The leak also included a series of text messages purportedly from Biden, which suggest he and his father own a number of gunsand that he has stolen over $100,000 from his ex-wife.

Breitbart News reporter Wendell Husebo share a screenshot of what he claimed was a contact in Hunter Biden’s phone, listed as “Pedo Peter.” another user alleged that the contact card belonged to President Joe Biden due to his prior use of the pseudonym “Peter Henderson.”

Several verified social media users now refer to the president as “Pedo Peter,” including Florida Republican congressional candidate Lavern Spicer.

” Wait. Hunter is about to be disowned now that this Pedo Peter case is out in the open. Joe is about to say he’s back on that powder and throwing him into rehab faster than Kim did for Kanye,” Spicer wrote.

4chan administrators responded to the leak by deleting various threads containing the content, according to the Washington Examiner.

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