Patra Petika Ullu web series episode, review, star cast, actress real name image verification

One of the popular and daring content streaming web series platforms, ULLU is coming back with another web series for its watchers. Many viewers have been waiting for the series for a long time since the announcement and finally the series is ready to entertain the audience. According to the trailer, Patra Petika will be the next web series for watchers and it will be interesting to watch this wonderful web series tonight. The creators released the trailer on Youtube and it was watched by thousands of people.

The ULLU streaming platform is highly followed by fans and people love to watch this series with great interest due to its amazing concept and bold scenes which attract viewers the most. The upcoming web series “Patra Petika” is ready to entertain the viewers again and the fans are too excited to watch this wonderful web series. By writing this, we can verify that the trailer has over 572,000 views. The trailer was released just a few days ago and since then it has been grabbing the attention of watchers. Finally, the makers also announced the release date and many other things. Keep reading to get more details here.

Webseries Patra Petika Ullu

The story of the webseries begins with a villager who is expecting her husband who lives in town. She expects that whenever he deals with everything, he will call her in town to live with him, but it has been a long time. Later she meets a postman and they both create their bond and have a good time together but one day her husband came back from town to take her with her. Now, what will happen next? Will she ever meet the postman of her life?

Patra Petika ULLU Web Series: Cast

Along with the trailer, the creators also announced the cast of the series who are going to entertain the audience with their amazing moments. According to the sources, Prajakta Dusane and Workship Khanna are going to be part of the series and entertain the audience with their daring scenes. It is also believed that Rinku Ghosh will be part of the series.

Patra Petika Ullu Episode Review

Along with the trailer and cast members, the maker also announced the release date for the upcoming web series and as we can see, all episodes will be released on March 25, 2022 on the ULLU streaming app. Subscribers can also watch the series on ULLU’s official website. Stay in touch to get more updates here.

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