Patra Petika Part 2 Ullu Web Series Episode, Review, Star Cast, Check Actress Real Name Pictures

The ULLU streaming platform has already released some of the best web series in recent days and Patra Petika is one of them. The web series has already gained a huge number of fans among ULLU watchers. Now the creators of the series are ready to release another part and it will be interesting to watch the next part of the series. Fans are loving the concept and story of “Patra Petika Part – 1” and after that, they are coming back with another fan part which will be released in the next few days. According to the details, the trailer for “Patra Petika Part – 2” has been released on Youtube and other social media pages.

Well, the new latest trailer has been released online and fans are too excited to watch ULLU’s upcoming web series. It will be interesting to watch the next part of the series but this time Part 2 comes with another different story from the first one. Yes, the trailer also shows the story of another woman and a concept. Through this article, we will be providing all the information and details of the upcoming web series, so get ready to watch the upcoming web series here.

Patra Petika Pat 2 Ullu Web Series

Now the next part of Patra Petika will reveal the story of a woman who leads a kota in the village, and the owner of the Haweli and the villagers are against it. All the women of Haweli are against the decision of the villagers and the owner but because of their powers, they will have to lose their fight. The girl’s leader says until her last breath, she will fight against them. With his decision, many more things will be revealed.

Patra Petika Part – 2 ULLU Web Series: Cast

According to the sources, Part 2 is coming with many star actors who will be playing a main role in the series. As we can see from the latest web series trailer, Prajakte Dusane, Dhananjay Sharma, Vishal Mohan, Nandu Devgan, Rinku Ghosh, Shweta Ghosh and Padam Singh will be the main cast members of the series and they will be sharing screens on first time. Maybe they never appeared together in a single web series.

Patra Petika Part – 2 Episode ULLU, Review

Along with the trailer, the creators also announced the release date for the upcoming web series. Well, watchers won’t have to wait long as it’s all set to release on April 1, 2022 on the ULLU streaming platform for all the watchers who are excited for the upcoming web series. So get ready to watch the next web series in the next few days.

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