Palang Tod Blackmail Ullu Web Series Episode, Review, Star Cast, Actress Real Name, Pictures

All-time favorite OTT brand, ULLY, is back with a sizzling new web series titled “Blackmail”. Most likely the web-series will become this week’s blockbuster. You will love the story. The official trailer was released on YouTube. So far, the OTT ULLU brand has entertained many fans across the country. The suspenseful stories made everyone curious and excited to watch another part of the story.

It is one of the most popular platforms that brings you adult stories with an unexpected thrill. Let’s start with the brief information about the web series which includes a story, cast and trailer for the ULLU web series.

Palang Tod Web Series Blackmail Ullu

Speaking of the story of this web series, therefore, we want to tell you that the web series is about a woman who divorced her husband. While this woman’s friend encourages her to do all the things she has never done in her life.

After the accompaniment, the woman takes bad habits and begins to drink. Her husband is going to the business meeting. But he came a few days later and saw her doing such bad things. Although you can watch the story in the trailer.

Although there are some wonderful names that are in the cast and ready to perform extremely well in this web series. So far, the name of the actress and the name of the actor have not yet been revealed. When the actress’s name is released, we’ll add her here soon. You will get it if you have marked the page in your browser.

Palang Tod Blackmail Ullu Episode, Review

Now let’s talk about the release date, so we want to let you know that the Blackmail web series will be released on October 8, 2021. You can watch this web series on the official Ullu app. The platform is subscription based and you have to pay a certain amount as a subscription fee.

You will need a subscription to watch this Ullu web series on your screen. There is no other option available due to hacking regulations. for more update stay tuned to our website, we have more articles related to the latest ULLU web series.

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