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Hi entertainment lovers, the pretty sensational adult series platform Ullu brings a new second part of the online webcast, which has already wreaked havoc among people who like to broadcast such shows. So this time the story and the characters are going to be amazing and will amaze you for sure, because right from the first part the series online catches the attention of viewers. So now the creators have shared the release date, cast, length, etc. that will help you distribute it at the right time. To learn more, see the details below.

So the Online Part 2 webcast officially releases on Friday August 6, 2021 on Ullu, so just get ready to air it. As for the plot, Shivam Aggarwal and Priya Sharma star in the series as a married couple. Both want to create a site on social networks to sell “Ladies Undergarment” products, so they call the creators of sites who suggest to them that everything will be done according to their point of view. But in the meantime, informs that in order to sell the products, she must send him bold images that will help them increase their business.

But Priya Sharma hesitates, saying that she hasn’t even shown her body parts to her husband until now, and he asks to upload some bold photos. So after declining the offer, Aliya Naaz agrees to do whatever the site builders say. But her husband Vivek Sharma refuses saying that she is his wife, not an exhibition, which shows her beauty and her body to someone else. In short, this time you will feel charamsukh on the next level, which will force you to excessively watch.

Distributing Part 2 online

  • Shivam Aggarwal
  • Priya Sharma
  • Vivek Sharma
  • Aliya Naaz

We have covered all the essential details that will make your job a bit easier as the series has become a talking point among viewers, in short, it’s a hot topic these days. Because when the first part on Online hit the viewers, it drove everyone crazy to the next level. Because the creators have familiarized them with some pretty daring content and this time the second part is coming to viewers. So you can guess how amazing it could be, but first of all you need to buy the subscription. So watch it at the right time and for more details, stay tuned with us.

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