No more old, new: TikTok wedding trends in 2022

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(NEW YORK) — After two years of postponed and canceled weddings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, couples are once again heading down the aisle surrounded by their loved ones.

And in 2022, which is expected to be one of the greatest wedding years ever with nearly 2.5 million weddings expected, according to a report in Wedding Report, Inc., couples are making sure their day is one they will remember forever.

In a survey by Zola, 2,022 couples “plan with more intention, excitement, love and specificity than ever before.” Whether it’s in their wedding theme, the vendors they choose, or the food, couples use their weddings to let their personalities shine through.

One of the ways brides are incorporating these personal touches is with the help of wedding TikTok, where other brides candidly share tips and tricks from their weddings.

“TikTok offers this support group for brides,” Taelor Pawnell, art director and content creator from Brooklyn who is getting married this year, told ABC News. hello america. “People come in and talk about their dream dresses or dupes of items they can’t afford. So it really allows all of us to create a creative space to help each other out.

Pawnell, who is getting married in September to her fiancé, Aaron, has been hopping on TikTok marriage since getting engaged in late 2020. There, she shares her planning journey with her followers and the trends she’s embracing. She even launched a few of her own, with a bridesmaids PowerPoint template on wedding details, which has been downloaded more than 10,500 times.

See more 2022 wedding TikTok trends below:

Groomsmen First Look

North Carolina’s Chasity Scarboro, who married in November 2021, said she wanted to include her groomsmen in a personal way because of her close relationship with them. After seeing videos on TikTok of a “groomsmen first look,” she decided to incorporate it into her special day.

“We’re all really close,” Sarboro said of her husband, Zach’s groomsmen. “They’ve been so supportive throughout our relationship, and they’re still like our biggest hypemen for me and Zach.”

Dryden and Emily Glod of Fuse Media Studios, who filmed the moment, said other unique photo ideas include the groomsmen running for a beer, which captures a hilarious photo and video moment, and the fact that the groomsmen toss the groom in the air.

Editorial photography

Los Angeles-based wedding planner Victoria Holland says brides are moving towards an editorial vibe when it comes to their wedding photography.

“It’s definitely the type of photography that a lot of couples are looking for,” Holland said. “I would say that in the last two or three years the wedding industry as a whole has kind of leaned towards editorial a little bit more, just because there’s more demand for these cool, candid shots. .”

Additionally, Holland said high design moments are also an additional request from couples, as many want their weddings to go viral.

Flower Man

Many brides also say with the old and with the new with a “flower man” instead of the traditional flower girl walking down the aisle. Not only can brides include their best friend in their wedding ceremony, but the moment also creates a whole lot of laughs.

“There aren’t a lot of kids in my family,” said bride Lily Tran, who married in August 2021 in Washington’s Columbia River Gorge. “I wanted it to be very personal to me, and the flower man is actually my best friend.”

live painter

Live painters at weddings aren’t new, but since TikTok has grown in popularity during the pandemic, there’s been a surge in demand for them to paint a newly married couple’s special moment down the aisle or at a wedding’s first dance. their big day.

Artist Alicia Hale, a Southern California wedding painter, started her wedding painting business after seeing a few artists painting weddings on TikTok.

“Painting in your studio all the time on your own can get lonely,” Hale said. CMG. “I really love how it’s gained popularity on TikTok because you can see the couple’s story and you know what it means to them to have a painting of their special day.”

Unique guest books

For couples getting married in 2022, Holland said many are adding more interactive activities for their guests. An example of this is through the wedding guest book. Instead of a book, some couples opt for the viral After the Tone, a phone you can rent that lets guests leave a sweet message for the bride and groom.

“It’s basically an audio guestbook,” said Jacob Yackley, co-founder of After the Tone. “Guests can just pick up the phone and start talking right away and leave voicemails for the couple and that message gets recorded.”

Couples can choose from a range of different colors to match their phone to their wedding aesthetic. After the wedding is over, After the Tone can resend you an mp3 of the recordings or have the recordings copied to vinyl.

No more garter throws

Wedding planner Holland said that with the many weddings she is hosting this year, many couples are forgoing some traditional elements of marriage, including the tossing of the garter, which some say may be the both inconvenient and embarrassing for couples.

“My couples hate the garter toss,” said Holland, whose wives are mostly mortified at the thought of their loved ones watching their husbands fetch the garter. “It’s just the weirdest thing in the world. I think it fits the ethos of 2022 weddings, and it’s: do what you want. There’s no tradition, it’s your marriage.

wedding welcome bags

With some brides hosting destination weddings, a personal touch they incorporate during their wedding weekend is to provide welcome bags for their guests. Pawnell said she had the idea for a friend’s recent wedding, but shared what was in hers on TikTok, where many brides also shared what was in theirs.

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