NFL to discuss current overtime rule, after bills lost

It’s a hard pill to swallow. The Buffalo Bills lost an absolute heartbreak last night to the Kansas City Chiefs, 42-36 in overtime, in what was one of the greatest games in NFL history, if not the greatest game in NFL history.

The Bills apparently won the game twice on touchdown throws from Josh Allen, after two incredible drives.

One to Gabriel Davis at 4th and 13th with 1:54 left in regulation (27-yard TD pass), and the other to Davis from 18 yards in the end zone, with 13 seconds left.

Of course, if you watched the game, you probably know all about what happened next. The Bills didn’t hit it and the Chiefs ran nearly 50 yards in 10 seconds to kick the tying field goal.

The game then went to overtime and unfortunately for the Bills the toss was unsuccessful and the Chiefs scored on their opening possession and the game ended.

NFL overtime rules state that the game ends if the team with the ball first scores a touchdown. If they kick a field goal on the opening possession, the other team gets possession. Basically, both teams are guaranteed possession, unless the team that gets the ball first scores a touchdown.

According to Ian Rapoport of The NFL Network, the NFL Competition Committee will review and discuss an overtime rule change this offseason, on the heels of the Bills and Josh Allen not getting possession in overtime.

That will be the last time he’s brought up, the last time being in 2019 when the Chiefs also failed to get possession and the Patriots won the game in overtime. It was in the AFC Championship game.

Rapoport says this is not a slam dunk and there will be arguments on both sides. The feeling is that the overtime format could eventually be changed, but may not happen this offseason.

Rapoport says an argument from the side to keep this format as is is down to injury concerns and not wanting to risk injury by extending the game with extra possession.

The problem with this argument is that play continues if the team that gets the ball first kicks a basket. Then there’s another drive, as would be the case if they were to push him back or turn him down.

The Bills lost the game because of their defensive strategy with 13 seconds left, but it’s perfectly normal to also believe that the NFL’s overtime system is flawed and needs to be changed. Both things can be true.

This is the best alternative I have heard so far.

The Bills’ defense hasn’t done its part, but the NFL’s overtime rule is flawed and contradictory to the arguments for keeping it. Ironically, the Chiefs and Bills have fallen victim to this overtime system for the past four seasons.

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