New Jersey named as a place people hate on Family Feud

IMHO that wasn’t a “good answer”, but it was funny.

family quarrel is known for his cheeky answers to seemingly innocent questions. Competitors have given many memorable responses since the show started in 1976. Thanks to today’s technology, these funny answers live on the internet forever.

You might be wondering how the show gets these hilarious answers. This is done through a company called Applied Research – West. The research service will randomly call people with the questions and collate the answers for the show. According their website, they have been conducting surveys for the show since 2000. It is unclear how the responses were generated before that.

Knowing the information above makes the story I’m about to tell you even more frustrating (but also hilarious). During a recent episode of family quarrelSteve Harvey asked contestants to “name a place you hate going so much, you consider it hell on earth”.

Of course, there were understandable answers like: the DMV, the dentist, the job, and your in-laws. But the last answer given was really different from the others. I think you know where I’m coming from…

We need to have a conversation with these investigators. Of the 50 US states, including those that offer absolutely nothing to do, they listed NEW JERSEY as a place they hate to go so much they consider it hell on earth.

Have these people never tried a bagel or a pizza? Do they hate going to the beach? Is it because shows like jerseyshore gave us a bad name?

Although it’s annoying when NJ is the butt of a joke, sometimes you just have to laugh about it. My favorite part of the clip is Steve Harvey’s reaction to the ridiculous response. Check it out!

@vibedispenser smh y’all are a bunch of haters 🙄 #newjersey #nj #jersey #familyfeud ♬ original sound – k8

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