Mick Jagger “went unnoticed” at North Carolina dive bar

Mick Jagger may be one of the most iconic leaders in rock history, but that wouldn’t have prevented him from going “unnoticed” during a recent stop at a dive bar in Charlotte, Carolina. North.

The Rolling Stones frontman posted a photo of himself having a beer on the front patio of the Thirsty Beaver Saloon with the caption “Out and about last night in Charlotte, NC”. Surprisingly, none of the other people in the photo apparently noticed that they were in the presence of rock royalty. Bar staff confirmed that no one knew Jagger was there.

“Thirsty Beaver co-owner Brian Wilson told me that Mick Jagger went unnoticed last night,” said Joe Bruno, reporter for the local Charlotte-based WSOC television station. confirmed in a tweet. “Turns out the people to his right in this photo have floor tickets for tonight’s show and they didn’t even realize it was him!”

” I was not there. I missed it. I was putting my little girl to bed, ”Wilson noted in a separate conversation with reporter Jeremy Markovich. “I don’t even know when [Jagger] was there, exactly. Between 10-11, I think.

When the image of Jagger drinking alone went viral online, Wilson looked back at the bar deals in search of evidence. “I scanned the credit card receipts to see if I had a Mick Jagger signature somewhere,” he explained before revealing his search was empty. “It would be mounted on the wall.” Instead, Wilson assumes the rocker paid cash for his beer.

Jagger and the Stones play at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte tonight (September 30).

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