Local graphic designer shortlisted for Pabst Blue Ribbon award

LEXINGTON, Ky. — A Lexington resident and graphic design instructor at the University of Kentucky is one step closer to winning $10,000 and gaining national exposure.

What do you want to know

  • The competition received over 7,000 submissions from 124 countries
  • Hayli Strickland one of 25 remaining
  • The prize is $10,000 and may feature artwork
  • Graphic designer is a professor at the University of Kentucky

Hayli Strickland, 35, submitted her design to the Pabst 2022 Art Can competition, sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. More than 7,000 submissions from 124 countries were narrowed down to 25, including Strickland’s. The final 10 chosen designs will receive the cash prize and their artwork will be featured on millions of cans starting next October.

“Winning this competition would definitely be a career high,” Strickland said. “I guess it’s maybe the most famous I could become for design. However, I plan to pursue a lot of things in my life, like writing children’s books and designing for them, so I hope my name will be recognized even more in the future for my design work.

Submission by Hayli Strickland, graphic design professor at the University of Kentucky, to the Pabst 2022 Can Art competition. (Hayli Strickland)

Strickland graduated from the University of Eastern Kentucky and earned her graduate degree from Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. She teaches at the University of Kentucky, focusing on graphic design. She is also a freelance designer pursuing user experience (UX) design.

Born in Michigan, Strickland emigrated to Kentucky when she was young with her mother, who was originally from the Commonwealth. After earning her bachelor’s degree from EKU, she worked in Nashville, TN for several years focusing on web design, and worked for Country Music Television (CMT) and other big-name brands. national.

After deciding she wanted to teach, she got her master’s degree and left Savannah to return to Kentucky. She then worked as an art director for the greeting card company, Wall Street, and designed for several other companies, including Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric and Bank of America, organizations such as Major League Baseball , and everything related to internationally renowned companies. to family businesses. She has produced both photography and graphic design and her freelance years.

“I actually got involved in the Pabst contest in 2020 during the pandemic days,” she said. “I found out about it then and tried and never got an answer. With this contest, my boyfriend and I made a promise to each other to do these drawings together. He did a few- one, and I probably did seven, but they actually chose my very first design, which happens a lot in my life.

Strickland was teaching psychedelic design when she submitted her work to the competition, which formulated the idea for her design.

“I was teaching psychedelic music and design, posters and so on, which led to this kind of thought process, this kind of crazy, wacky artistic drawing that I did,” she said. declared.

Strickland obviously wants to make the final 10, but if that doesn’t happen, she said she’ll always be proud of her achievement.

“Part of me is like if I didn’t win, I would feel like a loser,” she said. “But having come this far, I should be happy about it. So I have to keep that in mind.

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