Listen Art Nerds, We Found Your Dream Wordle

A few months ago, the online game Wordle took over the internet. Since then, people have created different variations of the game, from Moviedle, where you guess the movie, to Flagle, where you guess the flag. And we just found a perfect version of the game for art lovers.

If you are looking to test your traditional art knowledge, then Artle is the Wordle alternative for you. The game gives you four guesses to identify the artist behind the painting – and we’re sure it’s the perfect way to spend your weekend. If you’re feeling inspired by all this art talk, then why not check out our roundup of the best art supplies.

A screenshot of Artle's website

How long did it take for you to receive yesterday’s Artle? (Image credit: National Gallery of Art)

The game was created by the National Art Gallery in the USA. Each user is given four guesses to correctly determine the correct artist. And while some users just hope to maintain their streak, others race against the clock to see how fast they can guess the artist behind the art (my current best is nine seconds).

This is not the first variant of Wordle that excites us. A few weeks ago we discovered Posterdle, where players are challenged to guess the movie from its poster. We’re hoping someone will create a logodle or gamedle because we feel we’d score pretty high on those.

If you love the sound of Artle but don’t have a device to play it on, then fret not – why not check out our roundup of the best iPad deals? Or if you want to try making your own Wordle variation, check out our guide to the best web design courses to get you started.

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