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Back in November, we shared a review of the 1950s LEGO Logo Tin Sign VIP Award. Since then, LEGO has introduced four more designs to help you fill your wall space – 5007155 Ninjago, 5007156 – City, 5007157 – Friends and 5007158 – Rebuild the World. Each is available one per VIP account in the Rewards Center (WE | BOX | UK). In the US they are 1,200 points each with a listed retail value of $15. We gave in and ordered all four – come see what we got for our 4,800 points. (Spoiler alert: not much.)

Unpacking. Unsheath? Something.

Due to some unfortunate political/web design decisions at, you can only redeem one VIP reward per order. That means I had to order four times to get the full set of panels – a lot of wasted shipping, packaging and warehouse work. LEGO is making efforts elsewhere to create less wasteful packaging – maybe someone will eventually figure out the issues their VIP rewards program is adding to the mix.

In any event.

Each sign comes in a color coded paper sleeve with the theme logo front and center and a small “Tin Sign” tag along the bottom edge. Each box measures 12″x6″ (approximately 30.5 x 15.2 cm).

The back of the packages is uniform, with the LEGO and VIP logos. You can see here that all four sleeves arrived with a decent amount of warping, wear and tear. Never a fun way to start.

The boxes themselves are protected by a thin sheet of tissue paper. It worked well and none of the actual boxes had any visible scratches when I removed them.

The boxes

The Ninjago box features the five male ninjas, armed to the teeth and ready for battle. It’s annoying that Nya (the main female character) wasn’t picked up to be included here.

Here is a figure to give you an idea of ​​the scale of the box.

The Friends box showcases the main characters of the theme, as well as the bright colors that are a signature for the line. The large square border behind the LEGO logo looks out of place to me, as it blends into the white background stripes to create odd negative spacing.

The CITY sign focuses on the Stuntz sub-theme of 2021. (The bike here is from the 60296 Rocket Stunt Bike set) Personally, I think the City theme is much more than racing, but I guess you need to focus on Something. It’s an action-packed plan, at least.

Finally, we have the Rebuild the World theme. It’s the most minimalist of the signs, but still my favorite. I love the rocket powered snail and the meta theme is awesome. Despite my reservations about these boxes, I’d probably choose this one just because it’s cute.

On display

These tin signs aren’t particularly large, but adding these four to Retro-logo’s previous offering can make for an interesting group display.

Like VIP collectibles, you have to wonder if LEGO just throws every collectible they can find on the wall to see what sticks. Unfortunately, the lack of nail holes or other fixing points promises that these won’t stick anytime soon. I hung them using flat head thumbtacks, but they’re not firmly anchored and wouldn’t survive any jostling. I will probably move them higher on the wall to allow for this. (Or find a removable double-sided display strip or something.) Assuming I leave them in place. Which is a draw right now.

Conclusion and recommendation

So. Are they each worth 1,200 VIP points? Honestly, probably not. Unless you’re a super fan of one of these themes, you better just spend those discount points on a genuine LEGO set. They’re small, not particularly well illustrated, difficult to hang, and really not something the traditional LEGO collector will need to add to their collection. On the other hand, that snail on the Rebuild the World box is super cute. Unless you’re a super-completer, I’d save your points for any collectibles or VIP promotions LEGO releases next.

LEGO VIP Boxes are available now in the VIP Rewards Center (WE | BOX | UK). Currently limited to one of each design per VIP account.

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