Learn a language and gain other essential skills with this learning pack

You don’t finish learning until you choose to be. Sure, you might be out of school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. study something exciting and valuable. For example, how does it feel to learn a new language or a new hobby?

The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Pack offers lessons on over a thousand fun and practical topics that you can access from your iPhone or MacBook, and it even comes with lifetime access to the app Rosetta Stone linguistics. For a limited time, this colossal learning set is on sale for $159.20 (usually $1,794) with code ROSETTA20.

Learn a language and more

When it comes to language learning apps, you’ve probably heard of Rosetta Stone. For 27 years, Rosetta Stone has made learning a language easy, even if it’s one of the hardest things for a adult to enter.

Rosetta Stone lets you learn one of 24 languages ​​(one at a time) using a combination of written, spoken, and spoken instruction, voice recognition, and conversational practice. Its world-class TruAccent technology can tell you when your pronunciation needs work, and you might be surprised how quickly you improve.

“Now I’m finally able to learn the language of my in-laws and at the speed that I want!” wrote an enthusiastic Rosetta Stone user. “I love how they teach with pictures and without translation.”

You can be next!

Learn many other things too

And, in addition to Rosetta Stone, this bundle gives you a lifetime subscription to StackSkills. So if there’s a skill or hobby you’ve been dreaming of learning, you can probably find something related to it on StackSkills.

StackSkills offers a wide variety of courses, with selections ranging from personal development and art to website design. It’s a bit like having a complete catalog of university courses. But unlike expensive college courses, StackSkills lets you take any course, track your progress, and prepare for professional certifications at low cost.

Save on Lifetime Learning Unlimited Subscription Package with Rosetta Stone

There’s more to learn, and you might have found the perfect place to do it! For a limited time, you can get the Lifetime Learning Unlimited Subscription Package with Rosetta Stone on sale for $159.20 (usually $1,794) with code ROSETTA20.

Prices subject to change.

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