Larry Nassar audience: Biles, Raisman, Maroney and Nichols testify

Mr Langeman, who was not immediately available for comment, was not named in the Inspector General’s report, but his actions and multiple critical missteps have been carefully described. The report said Mr. Langeman should have known that the mistreatment of Mr. Nassar was likely widespread, but that he had not investigated the matter urgently.

After Mr Langeman questioned Ms Maroney – who was just one of three elite gymnasts who gave USA Gymnastics details of Mr Nassar’s abuse – the agent did not properly document this interview or opened an investigation. In an interview report Mr Langeman filed with the FBI 17 months after speaking to Ms Maroney, who was not named in the report, he included statements she did not make, according to The report.

Like other agents initially involved in the case, Mr. Langeman did not alert local or state authorities to allegations of abuse by Mr. Nassar, violating the FBI policy that crimes against children “require invariably a broad, multi-jurisdictional and multi-disciplinary approach “.

Mr Langeman later said he filed an initial report on Mr Nassar, requesting that the case be transferred to the FBI office in Lansing. But the documents were not found in the FBI database, according to the Inspector General’s report.

W. Jay Abbott, a former special agent in the Indianapolis office, is also no longer with the FBI after retiring voluntarily in 2018. The report says he made false statements to Department of Justice investigators and “violated FBI policy and displayed extremely poor judgment under federal ethics rules.

According to the report, Mr. Abbott was seeking employment with the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, which he discussed with Steve Penny, who was then president of USA Gymnastics. Several senators expressed surprise and disgust that Mr. Abbott was able to leave the FBI without being sanctioned.

Hundreds of girls and women who have been abused by Mr. Nassar have been waiting for years to hear from the FBI about the mistakes of the case. Ms Biles expressed her wish to know “who knew what and when” about Mr Nassar. She said the effects of her abuse persist. She won a silver and bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics this summer after dropping out of team competition, claiming she had mental difficulties.

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