Kevin Costner’s endorsement of Liz Cheney in Wyoming primary annoys right

Not everyone was impressed with Kevin Costner’s decision to endorse Rep. Liz Cheney in Wyoming’s Republican primary.

Mr Costner, who plays a Montana rancher on Paramount’s hit streaming series ‘Yellowstone’, caused a political stir by posing for a photo wearing a white T-shirt with the message ‘I’m for Liz Cheney’. a photo that went viral when the MP posted it on social media on Monday.

“Real men put the campaign before the party” tweeted Ms. Cheney, who faces an uphill battle in the Aug. 16 GOP primary.

The celebrity endorsement sparked a social media kerfuffle over Mr Costner’s political bona fides and whether the star’s endorsement will help or hurt the beleaguered Republican.

“Boy this will backfire,” tweeted former Bush 43 White House press secretary Ari Fleischer. “Liz is already going to lose, but while many fans love Costner and appreciate Yellowstone, who in Wyoming thinks he’s one of them? He’s from California and is a (great) Hollywood actor.

Mr Fleischer added: ‘It never ceases to amaze me how important Hollywood thinks this is.’

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Donald Trump Jr. chimed in, tweeting, “BREAKING: Hollywood leftist rug bagger endorses Virginia leftist rug bagger.”

Citizen Free Press, the popular conservative news aggregation site, headlined, “Kevin Costner Makes Huge Mistake.”

Those who applauded the move included Rep. Adam Kinzinger, Republican of Illinois, one of two Republicans along with Ms. Cheney to serve on the House Select Committee on Jan. 6.

“Costner is more of a man than most men,” Mr. Kinzinger tweeted.

Pro-Costner comments included, “There are a few who believe the country is more important than the party,…. like Kevin Costner” and “Glad to see Kevin Costner knows what real American patriotism is.”

Ms. Cheney certainly needs all the help she can get. A Mason-Dixon poll for the Casper Tribune released last month showed incumbent Republican main rival Harriet Hageman down 22 percentage points.

Whether Mr. Costner can move the needle is another matter. Right-wing critics pointed to his endorsement of Pete Buttigieg in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary. A 2001 photograph showing him shaking hands with Fidel Castro while filming “Thirteen Days” also made the rounds.

A self-described independent, Costner is actually a rancher, but not in Wyoming. He owns a 160-acre tract in Aspen, Colorado, which Taste of Country described as a “spectacular getaway, complete with a main residence, a lake house, and a river house.”

“The luxury retreat also includes a baseball diamond, toboggan hill, skating rink, multiple hot tubs, and views of the Continental Divide,” the Feb. 12 article said. “The ranch property comfortably sleeps 27 and is currently available to rent for 36,000 a night.”

Unfortunately for Ms. Cheney, the Oscar-winning actor doesn’t appear to own a home in Wyoming, which means he can’t vote for her in the primary.

Ms. Cheney sparked a backlash from the GOP with her open criticism of former President Donald Trump. Last year, the Wyoming Republican Party censured her for her vote to impeach Mr Trump during the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot.

The Montana Talks website said, “The actor’s endorsement is worth noting, but won’t carry much weight with the people of Wyoming. They never really cared about celebrity endorsements or celebrity endorsements. general.

Costner doesn’t even live in Wyoming and the hit TV show ‘Yellowstone’ he stars in is set on this little piece of Yellowstone that Montana owns,” said Montana Talks radio host Glenn Woods.

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