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Like it or not, memes are a part of the way we communicate now – we even refer to memes in our headlines. But iterating over existing memes may be pointless clunky user experience. First, you need to find a meme template, then you need to figure out how to add text, even if that means reverse-engineering drafts of Instagram stories into photo editing software.

But instead of scrolling through Google images, looking for a clean model of the latest meme, AntimatterThe Reverse Meme Search’s app, released today for the web and iOS, does the work for you. Just download a meme and the app will return you a blank slate. You can even long-press a photo on apps like Reddit and Twitter, and when iOS prompts you to choose where to share the image, you can click the Invert app icon. Once you’ve identified the template, you can use the in-app photo editor to add text to the meme and choose the font, color, size, and location for the text. You cannot use any comic book without on the app which looks like an intentional omission.

TechCrunch tested the app’s capabilities – a Spider-Man pointing meme was easy enough to reverse engineer, but we quickly blocked the reverse meme search with a fried Owen Wilson meme (that’s the first result on Google Images when you search “fried memes”, But not necessarily a model itself). But fear not, the app comes with a free Meme Concierge. Within an hour of submitting our request, we received an email with the subject line: “We Found Your Model: Owen Wilson Deep Fried Meme.” “

To be fair, even those of us who got a fine arts minor in college and still borrow the Adobe membership from college (don’t tell them!) Or, we just have others things to do). So it’s actually a useful service, even though the “Meme Concierge” is just, as the email says, “a human with 16GB RAM and two USB-C ports”.

Image credits: Antimatter, screenshot by TechCrunch

Antimatter founder Jonathan Libov won’t tell us how the app works – is it basically a reverse image search, where the app has to recognize the meme you’re looking for to return the pattern you’re looking for. you wish ? Or does the app use some technological magic to automatically erase text from the image? It’s probably a reverse image search, seeing as we blocked the app with Fried Owen Wilson, but now anyone trying to make their own Fried Owen Wilson meme won’t need to use the janitor, because the model is now in their system. I even checked out their work, uploading a copy of the image with some text added.

Owen Wilson's fried meme with text added at the top that says this is a test, I'm sorry

Image credits: TechCrunch

“We envision this app as Instapaper and Pinterest plus Figma. The two key features are (A), collecting visuals (possibly more than just memes templates – any visual you find useful and meaningful) that you (B) store in your library, ”Libov told TechCrunch. “Antimatter is actually a P2P learning and education company, and Reverse Meme Search is part of the creative experience that we just wanted the world to have ASAP.” Antimatter says on its website that it is “inspired by the many great memes learning communities on the Internet.”

Of course, that’s not the biggest problem in the world for technology to solve (I mean, what if you could get dozens of preventative blood tests done on just one drop of blood? 💀). But clearly memes have real power, so do a reverse search.


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