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NEW DELHI: Virat Kohli recounted his struggles with persistent back pain in 2014 and how he overcame them with advice from former strength and conditioning trainer from India, Basu Shanker.

In the foreword to Shanker’s first book – 100, 200 Practical Applications in Strength and Conditioning – Kohli recalled how he was introduced to bodybuilding by the S&C trainer who helped him become one of the players. fittest cricket players.

“In the second half of 2014, I found myself with a relentless back problem that just didn’t go away. Each morning I had to do a routine for 45 minutes to relax my back, but the stiffness could come back anytime through the day.

“It was then that Basu sir and I had a conversation about lifting weights and getting an overall explosive force in my body,” Kohli wrote.

Shanker, who worked with the national team from 2015 to 2019, is considered the man responsible for Kohli’s transformation and the Indian team’s physical condition.

“At first I wasn’t convinced (about lifting), but the only thing Basu monsieur asked me was“ confidence. ”I had full confidence in his knowledge and experience.

“I remember our series against Sri Lanka in 2015, I started to learn lifting from Basu sir, I understood the dynamics and the study behind the practice and I felt I was working towards something incredible.

“The results have been exceptional, and it has changed my perception of S&C and the importance of knowing exactly what you are working towards.”

Kohli, who himself launched the book on social media last week, praised Shanker, who currently works for RCB.

“Basu monsieur is the best S&C coach I have worked with, and his ability to put you at ease with his role model is absolutely amazing.

Never have I worked with someone who knew exactly how to transform my physique and my performance according to my needs, not through a fixed model that was common to all.

“I really believe that through this book one can delve into the details and knowledge that can surely transform your perception of what training means, change the way you do things and how you feel about your physical after following the program until T, as Basu sir likes to say, “Kohli added

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