How to Create a Cover Page in Google Docs

Create an academic document in Google Docs? You may want to insert a cover page for important information. This guide will show you how.

Writing a college paper or an academic paper? You will need a cover page.

This is where you will place your name, title, and other important information. It’s a good idea to use a cover page on any type of important document, it provides a cover that protects the contents.

Creating a cover page in Google Docs is quite simple to do. You can create one from scratch or use one of the document templates as a starting point.

If you’re not sure, here’s how to create a cover page in Google Docs.

How to Create a Cover Page in Google Docs APA Style

If you are writing an article, you may need to submit it in APA style. This is a writing style and format for academic papers, and it includes rules for how to layout a cover page.

To create a cover page in Google Docs in APA style:

  1. Open a blank document in Google Docs.
  2. Select the Format menu.
    Open the Format menu in Google Docs
  3. Hover over Line and paragraph spacing and click Double to set up double spacing for your document.
    Setting the Double Spacing Rule in Google Docs
  4. Open the Character font drop-down list and select Times New Roman.
    Selecting a font in Google Docs
  5. press the + Where symbols until the font size is 12.
    Choose font size in Google Docs
  6. Click at the top of your document and press Walk in four times to create a blank space at the top of your cover page.
  7. press the Bold button or press CTRL+B under Windows or Cmd+B on Mac.
    Selecting a bold font in Google Docs
  8. Type the name of your paper.
    A document title in Google Docs
  9. press the Align Center to place your headline in the center of your cover page.
    Align text in Google Docs
  10. Hurry Walk in twice.
  11. Click on the Bold button or press CTRL+B under Windows or Cmd+B on Mac to revert to the standard font.
    Selecting a bold font in Google Docs
  12. Type your name and press Walk in.
  13. Type other relevant information (such as your university or college) and press Walk in.
    An example of a title page in Google Docs
  14. Open the Insert menu.
    The insert menu in Google Docs
  15. Hover over Headers and footers and click On your mind.
    Insert Header in Google Docs
  16. Select Choice.
    Open Google Docs Header Options
  17. Select Page numbers.
    Setting page numbers in Google Docs
  18. Leave the settings as they are and click Apply.
    Applying page numbers to a Google Docs document
  19. press the Align Right to move the page number to the right.
    Align text in Google Docs

Once you have applied your new page number, your title page will be created.

Use a template to create a cover page in Google Docs

If you want to create a general cover page quickly and easily, you can use one of the templates included with Google Docs. These templates are editable so you can modify them to suit your needs.

To create a cover page in Google Docs using a template:

  1. Open the Google Docs webpage and click Template Gallery.
    Google Docs Template Gallery
  2. Alternatively, if you already have a document open, click File > New > From Template Gallery.
    New Google Docs template
  3. Scroll to Education section.
    Google Docs Training Templates
  4. Select a model that interests you.
    A scientific model Google Docs
  5. Once the template is loaded, you can edit it. To edit the text, click on the text you want to edit and replace it with your own.
    Edit template text in Google Docs
  6. If you want to edit the image, right click on it and hover Replace Image. You then have the option of replacing it with an image from your computer, the web, your Google Drive, Google Photos, a URL, or taking a photo.
    Replace an image in Google Docs

If you want to add anything else to your cover page, you can click File > Drawing > New. You can then use one of the tools to insert a shape, text box, or image.

If your template includes extra pages, you can delete them to keep just your cover page.

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