Government Designs “Employee Verification System” Web Application

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SRINAGAR: The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has designed an Employee Verification System (EVS) web-based application for the online submission of Personal Verification Lists (PVRs) of selected candidates to undertake the Character Verification process and antecedents.

A circular issued in this regard by the General Administration Department (GAD) reads: “A web-based application “Employee Verification System” (EVS) has been developed by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to undertake the character and background verification process to make the system transparent and minimize procedural delays that impede efficient and timely processing of the verification.The EVS Portal has been developed and made operational through a web-based online system. The web application is available at URL:”

The circular further reads: “Various training sessions regarding the web application were provided to appointing authorities. In addition, a number of training sessions have already been provided to all involved on the vigilance verification process, which is basically similar to the employee verification system. »

The order also states that as a continuation of the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services (Personality and Background Check) Instructions 1997, notified by Government Order No. 1918-GAD of 1997 of 09.12. 1997, read together with Government Ordinance No. 597-GAD of 1999 of 26.05.1999, Government Decree No. 681-GAD of 2000 of 14.06.2000, Government Decree No. 1328-GAD of 2016 of 07.12.2016 and Government Decree No. 528-JK(GAD) of 2021 dated 21.06.2021 as amended from time to time, it is hereby given to all concerned that “Personnel Checklists (PVR) of all applicants must be submitted only via the online mode to the Hqrs Criminal Investigation Department. for verification. Manual submission of Personnel Checklists (PVR) will no longer be accepted under any circumstances after 01.06.2022. The departmental code (username and password) must be shared on the email addresses provided by the appointing authorities on the EVS. »

The circular also quotes that “all administrative secretaries must implement the instructions in letter and spirit, and the verification of the CID must in no case be delayed beyond one month as stipulated in the instructions transmitted from time to time”.

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