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Video highlighting the redesign of the website.


All of us at Montana Standard are delighted to presentta newly designed

Our website has been redesigned to present our local news in a thoughtful and personalized way.

The redesign of the site presents news, videos, podcasts and photos in a modernized and convenient format, which allows us to customize the report according to the needs and preferences of each reader.

We believe our new format takes digital journalism to the next level, providing a much more immersive and satisfying reading experience. In addition, when you use the site, your preferences will be used to personalize your experience. Seven news display modules at the top of the site will allow flexibility in what we show you – local news, business, sports, features, entertainment, lifestyle and opinion options presented in a visually appealing and user-friendly way.

As you make selections – read stories and watch videos – the website will present you with more options.

It’s important to remember, however, that at the heart of it all is the great local content you’d expect – and can’t find anywhere else. We know that our greatest value is in the local stories, reports, photographs and videos we produce – daily content, investigative journalism, stories and profiles. That’s what we owe our readers, and all of this content will be easier than ever to find, along with editorials on local issues and opinion pieces from Butte executives.

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You’ll also enjoy exceptional regional coverage, with content produced in all Lee Montana newspapers (as well as those in Wyoming, North and South Dakota, and Idaho) in addition to the work of staff members at Montana Standard.

Award-winning podcasts are also available, like the “Big Sky Lede” podcast produced by our four people at the Montana State News Bureau, the Lee State Government Reporting Team – and one-topic newsletters on a variety of topics.

If you are not a digital subscriber, we invite you to subscribe. Of course, if you subscribe to the print newspaper, you are automatically a digital subscriber, and we can help you activate your digital account.

We hope you enjoy the new site. We know that, as with anything new, it will take a bit of getting used to.

We want to hear your thoughts, suggestions and concerns about the new site. Please contact me at 406-496-5513 or [email protected]

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