Free Online Basic Programming Courses for Beginners


When it comes to the most usable and career worthy soft skills, programming definitely sits at the top. Not only because there is a great programming career opportunity out there, but anyone interested in programming can get started. And the best thing about it all, there are tons and tons of high paying programming jobs available at different companies as well as freelance platforms. So if you’re someone who wants to start with the basics, here are 10 of the best free programming courses you can check out.

Let’s be honest here, programming isn’t everyone’s cake. It has many technical aspects, in addition to a good command of analysis and problem-solving skills. However, some people are quite good at such things or have a natural talent for problem solving.

Whatever your training, you can get started in programming. To answer exactly why you should learn to program, the answer would be extra money and a good career option.

Whether you want a regular job as a coder or a freelance writer, the demand for a programmer is now greater than ever and there is an acute shortage of qualified people. So if this is something you are passionate about, then this might be the call you should answer.

Our first class is offered by Skillshare, and as the name suggests, it’s basically about getting you started in the world of programming. Programming is a diverse foray and there are a lot of things behind it.

In this introductory course, you will learn about the basics of different programming languages, how they work, how they relate to problem solving, and more. In addition to this, there is also a hands-on assignment to be completed using python at the end of the course. Overall, this is a great place to start your coding journey.

The development of web applications is one of the most important developments in programming in recent times. not only because it is relatively easy, there is also a high demand for the skill.

You can get a good beginner’s perspective on PHP and MYSQL, two important pillars of web application development in this Udemy course. This course is intended for the intermediate level and will primarily focus on problem solving to get you started on your own stature. The course lasts approximately 10 hours and is self-paced.

A website basically works at two ends – client and server. A programmer who can work on both sides is called a full-stack web developer. All the amazing websites you see on the website with beautiful and responsive transitions are due to full stack web development.

Now if you’re interested, this is the course you want to watch. The full-stack web development course offered by Skillshare will teach you the basics of full-stack web development, including HTML and CSS. The five-and-a-half-hour course is for beginners and you can start without any prior coding knowledge.

Skillcrush is another fascinating platform for learning to code. You might be interested to know what is behind each code and how it interacts with machines. Well this is the perfect course for you as they walk you from the basics to the intermediate level.

The course mainly focuses on HTML and CSS with UI / UX basics, visual and web design basics as well as WordPress basics. You can register for free in the training camp from their website.

Khan Academy is one of those exclusive websites where you get all your educational questions answered. There are many, many courses and courses available on the platform and most of them are free. We’ve researched some programming lessons suitable for beginners and found one that gives you a basic idea of ​​HTML and CSS.

This is a completely beginner-centric course where even if you don’t know what an HTML tag is, you can still get started. The course is filled with hands-on projects that you can try out at every step, which makes the lessons super interactive.

This is a course offered by the University of Michigan in association with Coursera. Although it’s called ats programming for everyone, it is basically a course focused on the basics of learning python.

You will learn how to install python, use different variables, describe the basics of the language, etc. the course will last approximately 19 hours and you will be able to obtain a professional quality certification against payment of a certain amount.

This is not a course per se, but rather a detailed overview of how JavaScript works. We all know that just after HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the key programming languages ​​that you need to learn to progress further.

This overview from is one of the most comprehensive guides to JavaScript for beginners. You can get applied knowledge on each of the steps. The overview is divided into different subsections so that you can easily navigate the menu. This is a great place to start if you are looking for beginner courses in JavaScript.

If you are looking to get started with an object oriented programming language then Ruby should be the first choice for you. we wouldn’t say this is exactly a beginner’s course, but rather for someone who is already familiar with HTML and CSS and wants to venture into a scripting language.

This course will give you all the necessary introduction to Ruby, how it works, how to integrate the scripting language with other programs, and a host of other things. You can take this introductory course at your own pace from Code Conquest.

Python is one of the most intuitive programming languages. The large number of diverse use cases with this language make it one of the best and most popular programming languages.

Code Academy offers several courses on python, but as a beginner you should definitely check out the Learn Python course. It is a 30 hour course that will take you from beginner to intermediate level in Python.

Offered through Udacity, this introductory programming course covers all the fundamentals of programming. From an introduction to programming languages, to a brief overview to get you to an intermediate level in each one, this is one of the most comprehensive all-in-one courses.

The course covers the basics of Java, Python, HTML, and CSS, all popular languages ​​that are. With around 10 hours per week, you can expect to complete this course in around 4 months.

The demand for programming and programmer will simply increase in the times to come as we move forward with increased automation. If you see yourself being a part of this journey, then these courses are definitely a great place to start.


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