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Creatives around the world are using online portfolios to increase their visibility and market their work. But selecting the best website builder for your portfolio can be difficult. Should you opt for a broad and popular platform designed for all types of websites? Or should you opt for a smaller format like Format, specifically designed for photography and other visual media portfolios?

In our format review, we aim to help you answer that question. We analyze prices, main features, management interface, editor, etc. of this website builder so you can decide if it suits your needs.

Format Review: Plans and Pricing

Format’s three wallet plans range from $7 to $25 per month with annual billing, making it similarly priced to many of its competitors. However, it’s cheaper than leading website builders like Wix, and the features included mean it offers excellent value for money across the board.

A 14-day free trial is available with all plans, and you don’t need to enter payment information to access it. Client management tools are available for an additional fee, or you can access all client management and portfolio building tools with a Bundle plan ($40 per month with annual billing).

Format rate plans
Basic Pro Professional More Pack
Price per month (billed monthly) Unavailable $20.99 $34.99 $55.99
Price per month (billed annually) $7 $15 $25 $40
High resolution image downloads 100 1500 Unlimited Unlimited
Photo storage N / A 100 GB 1TB 2TB
Workflow management tools No No No Yes
Free custom domain No Yes Yes Yes

Format Review: Features

As a website builder specifically designed for creating visual media portfolios, Format comes with a great selection of site editing and management tools. For example, there are online store building tools to help you sell your work, a range of client management tools, and built-in cloud storage solutions that you can use to store high-resolution copies of your images. . We have outlined some of the most notable features below.

Portfolio-specific templates

Format offers a great selection of templates designed specifically for photography and other visual media portfolios. There are over 80 to choose from, and they’re smartly categorized to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

When you go to the Model page, you can filter by profession and gallery layout. Popular professions include photographer, wedding photographer, videographer, and designer. You can preview each template on desktop and mobile devices, and you can switch between themes as needed while you edit.

Finally, you can add many elements to your design that make it easier to showcase your work. Features like built-in galleries, specialty highlights, and a built-in impression store all stand out as excellent.

Embedded Impressions Marketplace

Format’s built-in impression marketplace adds another way to monetize your work. Basically, it lets you list your images for sale, opening them up to potential buyers around the world.

But it’s not like your standard photo library, where it’s very difficult to gain visibility. If your work is good enough, it will almost certainly sell well. This is because the Format team selects the best works listed on the platform. All marketing and sales processes are taken care of for you at the cost of a small commission of 15% or 5% on your sales, depending on your subscription level.

A number of Format’s premium, workflow-specific plans come with advanced workflow and client management tools. In their simplest form, these allow you to create specific customer profiles, link them to private galleries, and track documents and other important information.

The client gallery tools are excellent. These allow you to upload high-resolution images to private galleries that you can share with your clients and any other interested parties.

Additionally, you can create secure and branded contracts to send to customers as needed. These can be customized to fit your business and your needs, and you can even enable e-signature.

Last, but not least, there is a selection of contact management tools. Here you can keep track of your important business connections and build new ones.

Format Review: Interface

Format Template Library Screenshot

Format offers over 80 portfolio-specific templates (Image credit: Format)

You can create a new Format account by entering your email and password or by linking your Google or Facebook account. Once you have done this, you will be asked to select a template to base your site on.

The main dashboard is quite easy to navigate. It contains links to various design and management tools, as well as tips to guide your portfolio building experience.

Clicking on the Design button on the left side of the screen will take you to the builder itself. It’s a bit confusing at first, but you shouldn’t find it too difficult. The themes are great, and things like your color scheme, fonts, and content can be customized with a click.

Format Review: Support

Format’s live support is limited to a chatbot that connects you to the customer service team. It says you’ll usually get a response within hours, although it only took a few minutes in testing.

To back this up, there’s a decent help center that’s full of self-help articles. It’s fully searchable, and you’ll even find a number of guides outlining each step of the setup process.

Create a photography portfolio? Use Format

All things considered, Format stands out as one of the best wallet builders we’ve used. It’s a bit confusing to start with and the lack of a free option is annoying, but the wallet-specific tools are excellent.

For one, you will be able to choose from a large number of templates designed to showcase visual media. You can sell online through your own store and the Format Print Marketplace, and you’ll benefit from a great selection of workflow management tools.

The Bottom Line: If you’re a creative looking to create a new visual media portfolio, Format is hard to beat.

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