February 28, 2022 Russia-Ukraine News

Satellite images show that a Russian military convoy that has reached the outskirts of Kiev is more than 40 miles long. (Maxar Technologies)

Dramatic satellite images released by Maxar Technologies on Monday evening showed a massive convoy of Russian military vehicles more than 40 miles long winding along roads northwest of Kiev.

It is easy to trace the origin of these hundreds of tanks, towed artillery, armored and logistics vehicles. Just follow the roads.

In Ukraine, northwest of Kiev, all roads lead to Belarus. Chernobyl causeway and bridge – the city, not the broken nuclear reactor – ends in Belarus. All other major roads northwest of Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, terminate in Belarus, which borders northern Ukraine.

Reinforcement of Russian troops: For weeks before its invasion of Ukraine, Russia gathered its forces in Belarus.

Hundreds of Russian military vehicles, planes and helicopters have been moved to the former Soviet state to take part in what the two allies have described as joint exercises. But after the end of the maneuvers, the Russian forces did not return home.

In fact, additional satellite imagery from Maxar showed Russia continuing to increase the amount of military vehicles, airpower and weaponry in Belarus. From the city of Brest in the east of the country to Gomel in the west, Russian forces kept showing up at airbases, in towns and even in fields on satellite images and social media.

Floating bridge: Satellite images even showed that Russia had built a pontoon bridge over the Pripyat River in the greater Chernobyl exclusion zone, which spans Ukraine and Belarus. On the day the invasion of Ukraine began, additional satellite imagery from Capella Space showed that Russia had begun moving dozens of military vehicles across this bridge.

Military power: The sheer length of the convoy is enormous and a testament to the military might the Russians amassed in an attempt to take Kiev.

It also speaks to Belarus’ activity in supporting and carrying out the invasion – and its responsibility.

This military power could not have been amassed by the Russians without the permission and assistance of Belarus.

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