Disgraced Kent Police Officer Thomas Blant uploaded indecent images of children to the dark web


A disgraced police officer avoided going straight to jail after viewing sexual footage of sick children – after his case took 22 months to reach court.

Pervert Thomas Blant – who has since been forcibly removed – not only viewed the footage, but then used software to “disguise and hide” the sites he had browsed on the dark web.

Former PC Thomas Blant

Now a father of two, Blant, 38, a six-year Kent police officer, has admitted two charges of uploading illegal images of children.

Judge Philip Statman told him: “You never thought you would get caught because of the protection you had installed on your computer. You have a predilection for young girls.

“You have to understand your actions and your court appearance has put your wife through hell. She is clearly a caring and loving mother.”

He added that there would be many in the community who would now despise him “because of the ignominy attached to these crimes”.

Blant, who admitted two sex charges, was given a 12-month suspended prison sentence for two years and attended 40 sessions to deal with his rehabilitation.

He also received a five-year Sexual Injury Prevention Order and asked her to sign the sex offender registry for 10 years.

After his arrest, Blant left Wye’s family home near Ashford and has since lived in Southend, having only checked visitation rights to see the children.

National Crime Agency agents raided his home in January last year and questioned Blant and his wife after it was revealed that the child pictures site had been accessed from the house.

Prosecutor Tim Probert-Wood said Blant’s wife – had been able to prove she was elsewhere – and the officer admitted it was him.

But a Maidstone Crown Court judge learned of how Blant installed software on his computer and cellphone that immediately removed much of the evidence from the porn sites.

Judge Statman expressed concern about the delay in bringing the case to court, which the Crown Prosecution Service said was caused by delays in identifying and categorizing secret images of children aged under. 10 to 12 years old.

Mr Probert-Wood said the officer installed “very sophisticated” software designed to prevent people from knowing which sites had been visited and which images had been downloaded, as well as a website cleaner that covered his tracks.

But a forensic examination later revealed that he had accessed 17 categories A and C as well as 19 other images considered borderline.

Defending Kerry Waitt said after Blant’s arrest he was kicked out of the forces and then attempted suicide.

He added that none of the downloads were made while he was on duty and that he had not used any of his police equipment to carry out his disgusting behavior.

Blant has since taken courses from the Lucy Faithfull Foundation to combat his perversions.

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