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Katelin Kight, who is a public relations specialist for the Dare County Public Relations Department, was named Dare County Employee of the Month for February 2022 at the Dare County Board of Commissioners meeting held at 9 a.m. on Monday, February 7, 2022. .

She was given the award for this prestigious honor by Dorothy Hester, who serves as the county’s public information officer. During her presentation, Hester highlighted the substantial contributions Kight has made through her efforts to collaborate with staff members from many departments since she began working for Dare County.

“Katelin has worked for the county since November 2020, and during that time she has had a tremendous and positive impact on the county’s communications efforts,” Hester said.

In his role as a public relations specialist, Kight focuses on a wide range of tasks ranging from web development, photography, social media and graphic design to determining the most effective ways to improve the image of overall brand of the county and ultimately improve its reach with residents of Dare County. , visitors and owners.

Kight is constantly working with virtually every department in Dare County to perform updates and implement design changes to various departmental web pages, prepare and schedule social media posts, and design an assortment of print communications materials. and digital, such as newsletters, brochures, posters, banners, signage, social media graphics, program flyers, forms and lists, and event invitations, among many others.

“Everyone loves working with Katelin. She is patient, kind, creative and efficient, and her knowledge and work ethic are second to none,” Hester said. “His ideas and designs are effective. Libraries, the Dare County Center and [the Dare County GIS Department] all reported increased effectiveness in their outreach efforts thanks to Katelin’s efforts to prepare graphics and help promote their events and initiatives.

One of the biggest and most impactful contributions Kight has made in her first 15 months as a county employee is creating the official Dare County Facebook and Instagram accounts. Launched in April 2021, these platforms allow the county to expand its presence and reach a wider audience, and share a wealth of important information on a variety of topics with people located in Dare County and beyond. of the.

This information includes everything from Pet of the Week posts promoting animals available for adoption at the Outer Banks SPCA to weather-related watches and warnings, meeting notices and details on many unique programs and events that take place at Dare County facilities.

In addition to developing an editorial calendar used to plan upcoming posts, design graphics and create engaging content specifically for these two channels, Kight is also responsible for monitoring other departments’ social media accounts – and assist in their ongoing efforts to promote initiatives and increase engagement.

To visit the official Dare County Government Facebook and Instagram accounts, click on the links below.

Dare County Government on Facebook

Dare County Government on Instagram

Recognizing the importance of elevating Dare County’s communication with the public, Kight was also instrumental in the development and subsequent launch of the county’s new and improved email notification system, a web-based platform called GovDelivery, which is designed to provide government agencies with an efficient, secure, and efficient way to deliver information to subscribers.

Via GovDelivery, users have the option to subscribe to receive updates on an assortment of Dare County topics that range from current and upcoming county projects, beach food, essential housing/de workforce, from dredging and garbage collection schedule changes to library events and activities, youth and senior center classes, Parks and Recreation department programming, as well as posts created by Dare County Board of Commissioners Chairman Bob Woodard, among others.

To view the full selection of topics and sign up to receive email notifications and updates, click the link below.

Sign up for Customizable Dare County Email Notifications

In addition to managing Dare County’s major social media platforms, Kight is also responsible for leading the county’s website redesign through the PR department, www.DareNC.comwhich is currently underway and is expected to be completed later this year.

“This is a huge undertaking that involves working with all departments to organize and share their information in a way that makes it more accessible to our residents, owners and visitors,” Hester said.

Although she’s only been in her position as Public Relations Specialist for less than a year and a half, Kight has already had a profound and positive impact through her dedication to improving Dare County’s existing methods for keep the public informed, as well as its efforts. to find new, never-before-seen ways to communicate effectively with the thousands of people who call the Outer Banks home or visit the area for vacation each year.

“This is just a sample of Katelin’s work,” Hester said. “But whatever the task at hand, Katelin is ready to jump in and give it her all with a good attitude and a smile.”

For more information on the Dare County Public Relations Department, click the link below.

Dare County Public Relations Webpage

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