Daniel Radcliffe is unrecognizable in the images of the biopic ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

Daniel Radcliffe has never had trouble getting rid of his Harry Potter image, because since playing JK Rowling’s wizard for a decade, he’d played a very different range of characters in movies like The Woman in Black, Horns, Escape from Pretoria and the next The lost city. One of his latest projects being filmed is Bizarre: the story of Al Yankovic, and the first images of Radcliffe in full “Weird Al” mode have started to appear on social media. While the biopic based on the comedian musician’s life has yet to receive a release date, the new photos are sure to put the film on many people’s radars as a movie to watch.


Bizarre: the story of Al Yankovic is co-written by Yankovic, telling his gripping and crazy life story from his earliest days and through his rise to fame beginning in the late 1970s. Yankovic is best known for his comedic songs, which have at many occasions saw his real talents as a musician overlooked thanks to his wide range of parody songs and his use of the music video to reinforce the ridiculousness of some of the songs he sings and pops. culture to start. As the winner of five Grammys and six platinum, though he didn’t score a Billboard Top 40 album until 2006 with Straight outta Lynwoodand his latest album, Compulsory funwas released in 2014 and became its very first number one.

With her audience still growing, it’s no wonder the time seems right to bring her story to the screen. The film is a Roku production and recently started filming, leading to the first images of Daniel Radcliffe landing online. You could say that Radcliffe almost looks like he’s outfitted for a fancy dress party, sporting a big curly wig and comical mustache, but of course that was one of Yankovic’s trademarks and something. something that gave him a look that people immediately recognized as his. However Radcliffe’s performance as a singer unfolds, he certainly has the overpowered look.

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Biopics generally fall into good and bad categories and where a “Weird Al” Yankovic story will fall remains to be seen.

Weird Al's new book charts legendary rise to fame with never-before-seen photos

Over the decades, big-budget biopics have been filmed and released, but there are also some that haven’t quite brought to life on screen in a way that appeals to audiences. What’s clear about “Weird Al” Yankovic is that his life seems to have been lived with the intent of making people laugh. Because of this, we’re unlikely to see a very serious and dramatic film, but rather something that sets out to do exactly what its subject matter does and make audiences laugh. With plenty of sources to include and Yankovic having worked on the film’s script himself, it seems one thing is guaranteed and that is that the film will bring its own sense of humor to the party.

Little is currently known about when we’ll see the film arrive, but it will be heading straight to streaming. With filming well underway and the project not exactly being a special effects driven show, is there any chance we could even see the final product released by the end of the year but if not we can definitely expect it in early 2023 .

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