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Unfold is an editor that will make your photos look perfect on any social network just like it did. more than 400 models available with which you can get the most out of the application.

And, despite the fact that Instagram or Facebook have built-in editors, there are times when a specialist editor can serve you better than the native, and moreover if he knows perfectly the different formats that are applied in social networks, how is the case.

Unfold different models Free Android

The main screen of the application is the models screen, where you can choose from several types, both animated and static, so that you can insert your photographs and give a differential touch to your stories or publications.

Selecting one will take you to an editor from where you can add your own photo to the template and preview what it will look like when you upload it, so you can give it the go ahead or make changes before you finish it. ‘editing .

Unfold the Free Android Editor Getting Started

You can use some for free, while for others you have to subscribe to one of the service’s plans. Even if you don’t pay, you can take advantage of a good number of them.

A very complete editor with many options

Unfold by creating a story

Unfold create a story Free Android

Upon entering the editor, it will first offer you to choose whether you want to use the post format or the story format so that your creation perfectly matches the aspect ratio the type of content you want to download.

After that you just have to select the photo you want to use and adjust it as you want on said model. When you do, you can also write text, insert stickers, choose a different background color, or even duplicate the finished image.

Completing the story in Unfold

Story Completion in Unfold The Free Android

On the other hand, you even have the option to take photos with the app’s camera, which will allow you to use different filters to make your images look very different. You can even apply motion filters to still images.

Effect of movement on an image

Motion effect on an image The Free Android

Planner to know what your flow will look like

With its flow planner, you can preview how the photos will look when you upload them to different social networks. For this you will need connect them to the application, And in the case of Instagram, it will collect the photos you uploaded to show them to you in order.

Unfolding options

Unfold the options Free Android

Once done, by clicking on Add to Grid, you will see a preview how an image will look in your feed, to see if it aesthetically matches the rest of the images you uploaded

In addition to that, it has a utility that will allow you to create a website to put it in the biography of your social networks and a link to the rest of these from the same place.

Story with unfolding model

Story with template from Unfold The Free Android

How to download Unfold on your Android

Unfold is an app that you can find for free on Google Play, although it also has a payment item which will allow you to unlock different templates and content, as well as build your own linking website.

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