Charlize Theron confirms Fast X’s return with new set images

Fast X is set to bring back many franchise favorites for the penultimate film, and Charlize Theron is definitely back on board.

Details on who will return to Fast and Furious franchisee for x fast arrived last week since Vin Diesel announced the title of the tenth film in the long-running franchise. The latest name to confirm their return is Charlize Theron, who shared a behind-the-scenes look at her villain, Cipher. Theron originally joined the franchise in The fate of the furious in 2017 and continued to be a part of the series, last appearing in F9 when she once escaped against to fight another day, meaning it was all but certain she would return for the penultimate round of high-octane action.

The fast and the furious started life as a moderate success, but several films later the series picked up speed and suddenly became one of the greatest film franchises of all time. After blowing the box office during the pandemic with F9it was announced that the franchise would end with Quick 10 and Quick 11. It was reported at the time that the films would be shot back-to-back for 2023 and 2024 releases respectively, but there was no update on whether that’s still the plan.

For Charlize Theron, a x fast return was pretty much guaranteed given his character’s unfinished business at the end of F9. In the new stills shared by the actress, she’s seen with another new hairstyle having seemingly taken out two men in armor, posing in a way that suggests she’s back to business in this sequel. A second shot shows her on set appearing to be between takes, surrounded by a crew.

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Charlize Theron’s cipher is live for a fast and furious spinoff

Last year, when the end of the Fast and Furious franchise was already being discussed, Vin Diesel was quick to point out that while the main series will come to a conclusion with future installments, that doesn’t mean there won’t be more movies set in the franchise. world of Fast and Furious. While Theron is already in demand, with a Netflix movie sequel The old guard already in production and speaks of a Atomic Blonde With the sequel still being rumored, Vin Diesel seemed pretty confident that he had personally spoken to the writing staff about the possibility of getting it a quick spinoff.

There are no details yet on how any of the franchises will pan out, or when we’ll see any of them, but with the main series set to release with a bang and a big return to the box office, there is no doubt that will see a number of new Fast upcoming movies.

For now, fans can expect the usual action when x fast arrives in cinemas and sets up the franchise’s final chapter which will see Vin Diesel’s Dom come to the end of the road and leave the franchise in the hands of the other actors who helped make it such a huge success. x fast will be released on May 19, 2023.

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