CBI to Conduct Forensic Psychological Assessment of Nine Arrested in Birbhum Murders – The New Indian Express


RAMPURHAT: The CBI has decided to conduct a forensic psychological assessment of the nine people arrested in connection with the killings in Birbhum district of West Bengal, an officer said on Saturday.

During the assessments, a psychologist will be present to note their body language as well as facial expressions, which will be treated as evidence, he said.

“A forensic psychological assessment will be used in the interview of the nine suspects. This is to determine if these individuals are telling the truth or lying,” the officer told PTI.

“A psychologist will be present and he will file his findings in the form of a report, while it will be produced as evidence in court,” the officer added.

The decision was made after CBI found inconsistencies in their statements about the incident, another official said.

The investigative agency questioned the officer in charge of firefighters who took part in the rescue operations at the 10 houses in Bogtui village that were burnt down after the killing of local TMC chief Bhadu Sheikh, the officer said. .

The CBI also decided to send samples of the eight people killed in the carnage for DNA testing.

“The families involved told us they were unable to identify the bodies. DNA testing will help us identify them,” the officer said.

CBI detectives seized two e-rickshaws and a motorbike, which villagers believe were used to bring bombs and pots full of gasoline, an official said.

“The vehicles were seized in the nearby village of Kumadda. We have eyewitnesses who saw people using these vehicles to bring bombs and canisters filled with gasoline,” he said.

The charred bodies of eight people were found in Bogtui village, Rampurhat police station area, hours after the killing of TMC and panchayat chief Bhadu Sheikh.

The incident, which happened on March 21, sent shockwaves across the country, with the Calcutta High Court ordering the CBI to resume the investigation.

Meanwhile, Debasish Chakraborty has been appointed as the new Inspector in Charge of Rampurhat Police Station in place of suspended officer Tridip Pramanik.

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