Business Coach Helps Creative Web Company Triple Revenue

STRUD, ENGLAND, June 10, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Creative web design company, Cat Anorak, was founded by Richard and Amy to help other small businesses get connected. From launch, Anorak Cat offered logo design where required, web design, construction and hosting services at cost. To attract customers through networking and online Facebook groups, they kept prices low, building up a portfolio of finished sites. This quickly generated a lot of interest, but their time and effort was not well rewarded.

The founders did not have a clear strategy to grow the business; they quoted each website and adapted their process each time. Amy and Richard worried that business would dry up if they charged more, even though Richard worked hard all the time. They knew he had created professional WordPress sites, but felt that Anorak Cat couldn’t compete with the big web design agencies. Amy was going on maternity leave for the second time, creating Anorak.

Fearless Business Travel

After noticing Robin Waite’s book, Take your photo, in the Local Business Network group, Richard ordered a copy to explore how this would help Anorak Cat. During the initial consultation with Robin, they reviewed their personal goals, defining what they wanted to achieve with Anorak Cat and their business forces. After the free hour, they signed up for the monthly 1 to 1 business coachingas they could see a huge opportunity to drive further change with Robin’s support.

Each 1-to-1 coaching session focused on one area of ​​business strategy, educating Richard and Amy on product architecture, sales readiness and operations. Robin used visual models to explain the concepts, which helped Richard and Amy see how they could transform the business to support their family with a stable income. Monthly meetings offer them constant support, while making them accountable for driving change.

Impact of coaching

The first change was to sort out the prices of Anorak Cat and introduce packages where they charged more. Richard says, “He gave us the confidence to raise our prices and charge what we are worth.”

By applying Robin’s model for goal setting, Richard and Amy realized that logo design was not part of the core process of launching professional websites. They immediately pulled that service, saying no even to new startups that needed a logo for their new website.

Robin helped Richard and Amy assess the lifetime value of their customer relationships. Existing customers have an excellent experience with Anorak Cat, receiving proactive and ad hoc support from Richard as well as basic hosting.

When analyzing follow-up time, Anorak Cat realized that they could adjust their services to achieve higher customer lifetime value by keeping websites up-to-date and secure for their satisfied customers. This led to another product change: the launch of appropriately priced hosting and support packages, based on the size of the client’s business and their website maintenance needs.

As excellent customer service is at the heart of Anorak Cat’s business, Robin advised Richard and Amy in their subsequent monthly coaching sessions on how to streamline their business processes.

The recommendation to create a default diary improved their weekly time management. This allows them to spend more time caring for customers, growing the business, and starting conversations with potential new customers. Anorak Cat now systematically tracks the progress of their work and sends each customer a monthly report on the website.

This summary describes the performance of the website and any maintenance work performed by Richard. When the work exceeds the agreed time, Anorak Cat can easily invoice it separately or transfer the customer to a more suitable support package.

In the seven months of working with Robin, Anorak Cat has doubled the number of customers it serves and tripled its monthly sales. In addition to their 1-on-1 sessions, Amy and Richard took part in Robin’s “7 Day Fearless Pricing” challenge.

This intense business analysis exercise inspired Richard and Amy to revisit their revenue and potential price packages. Under Robin’s leadership, Anorak Cat operates with consistent processes and delivers exceptional customer care, creating a solid foundation for recurring revenue.

Robin Waite is the founder of Fearless Business, speaker, podcast host and bestselling author of five books, including Online Business StartupTake Your Shot and Marketing Machine.

For 12 years, Robin ran a successful marketing agency, serving over 250 clients between 2004 and 2016. business coaching after selling the agency in 2016.

As Founder of Fearless Business, Robin helps coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs slow down, create space, and step up with confidence. Offer information about product architecture, pricing of your products, and sales. Through bold goal setting and accountability, Robin’s program turns dreams into reality for clients around the world by helping them double their income and more.

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