Brendan Fraser’s Firefly Costume And Mask Finally Revealed In Batgirl Set Images

Brendan Fraser’s Batgirl villain has been seen on set in plain clothes before, but new images show her full Firefly costume for the first time.


bat girl the villainous Firefly has been teased in a number of set photos, but the latest image finally gives a good look at his costume. Brendan Fraser was announced to play the villain in the HBO Max film last year, with several images of the actor on set having been posted on social media in his usual attire. Still, everyone can’t wait to see what he’ll look like in his full Firefly costume. Production still continuing in Scotland, Batgirl Movie News on Twitter shared new photos taken to give a first look at Firefly’s costume and mask.

bat girl will see the titular heroine portrayed for the first time since Alicia Silverstone took on the role in Batman & Robin 25 years ago. Played by Leslie Grace, Batgirl will be seen going up against Fraser’s Firefly as he makes his way through Gotham City and will be joined in the film by JK Simmons as his father Jim Gordon, and returning big-screen Batman Michael Keaton. All of the Gordon and Batman on-set footage so far has shown Simmons’ GCPD Commissioner looking younger than in his Justice League appearance, leading many to believe that Keaton’s appearances in the film will be flashbacks.


The latest images focusing on Fraser’s Firefly don’t help solve the Batman conundrum, but at least give fans a good idea of ​​what to expect from his villain when the movie hits HBO Max. The scene in the new shots shows Fraser’s stunt double working on top of a fire truck, suggesting that there will be a number of pyrotechnics used in the final cut of the scene that will require the use of a duplicate. Having only been spotted in civilian clothes so far, it’s unclear if this will be the only Firefly costume used in the film or if it will evolve even more as part of the film.

Batgirl is set to arrive in December after The Flash releases in November

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Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. DCEU is a relatively undefined direction, with several films coming in the next two years that seem to be tied together only by the finest threads. This year sees the release of black adam featuring the Rock, who has often said that his character is coming to “change the hierarchy of the DCEU,” even though most people aren’t even sure what that hierarchy is anymore, as well as the flash in November, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom in December and Shazam! Fury of the gods and blue beetle arriving in 2023, with wonder woman 3 somewhere beyond.

bat girl releasing on HBO Max in December would be interesting primarily for its inclusion of Michael Keaton’s Batman, which should feature prominently in the flash. Although there have been rumors suggesting that Erza Miller’s solo Flash movie will act as some sort of reset for the DCEU, the actor has refuted those claims, but it’s clear the spanning multiverse movie will have a lasting impact. about the DCEU of the future. . Same Aquaman Star Patrick Wilson recently mentioned in an interview that the Jason Momoa-starring sequel “has a place in the multiverse,” suggesting that Warner Bros. is finally about to try and get their house in order. Everything will be revealed in due course, apparently by the end of the year.

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