Borussia Dortmund to add color-contrasting crest to Champions League jerseys

After the reaction of the supporters and the apology of the CEO of Puma, the German Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund will indeed have a crest visible on the front of its UEFA Champions League shirts from this Tuesday.

In their Champions League debut against Besiktas two weeks ago, Dortmund made their debut a new third fluorescent yellow kit with two horizontal stripes and “BVB 09” spelled on the chest in black. It featured the same model which Puma used for 10 other top European clubs. The club crest was visible – but barely – as a pattern on the front of the shirt and embossed in its usual location on the left chest.

Borussia Dortmund’s Champions League home kit as it appeared in a game against Besiktas on September 15. (Photo courtesy

Fans were outraged by the lack of a visible club crest on the front of the shirt and expressed their anger on social media. This prompted Puma CEO Bjørn Gulden to apologize via German news agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

“We regret the anger of the fans and would like to apologize to them,” said Gulden. The criticism from fans is that the BVB logo is simply incorporated several times into the tone-on-tone material, as well as stamped on the chest of the jersey in a larger size, but is simply not clearly highlighted because the club crest.

“We really took the feedback to heart and will take it into account for future kits, as we have done in the past.”

Well, it looks like Gulden has kept his word. BVB announced on its website On Saturday, from Tuesday’s game against Sporting Lisbon, their Champions League shirts will have “a contrasting color patch on the front of the shirt”.

“BVB had the original shirt, which was criticized by many fans as there was no club emblem on the front of the shirt, changed during the summer as part of UEFA regulations and had a transparent logo stamped, among other things, “the club statement read. goes on to say (translated into English by Google).

“Many fans complained about the 2-1 away win at the top of the premier league at Besiktas Istanbul, however, the lack of visibility of the BVB logo. Borussia Dortmund then contacted UEFA and attempted to ‘Obtain approval for a contrasting color version of the logo.The European Football Association granted this request on Friday afternoon.

Borussia Dortmund haven’t posted any photos or graphics of what the new kits will look like. But the football blog Footy Titles made a mockup of what they expect:

It is currently unclear whether the Champions League kits with the full color patch will be sold to the public.

Courtesy graphic functionality Footy Titles

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