Batgirl Behind The Scenes Footage Reveals Links To Other Batman Characters

Batgirl is coming to HBO Max later this year, and thanks to some behind-the-scenes photos, there might be some more familiar characters than expected.


When it was announced that Warner Bros. would pull out all the stops for its HBO Max DC live-action release, there was no way of knowing how far along the evolution of the DCEU would go when it came to linking up with DC’s on-screen history. In the case of bat girl movie, it looks like the production will not only star Michael Keaton as Batman and JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, but new behind-the-scenes footage has hinted at two other ties to Batman lore, reporter Vicki Vale and the Court of Owls being named. -checked on some props magazines used in the movie.

While the magazines won’t confirm either will appear in the film, it does show that Warner Bros. works hard to create an interconnected world around the characters they move forward with, which can only mean a richer storytelling environment in the future. If Vicki Vale appeared in the film, it would be her first screen appearance since being played by Kim Basinger in 1989. Batman.


bat girl turns out to be one of the highlights of DC projects heading to HBO Max in the near future, as along with Simmons and Keaton, Leslie Grace’s Barbara Gordon is also joined by Brendan Fraser as the villainous Firefly, starring Jacob Scipio, Rebecca Front, Corey Johnson and Ethan Kai, all of whom have been cast in undisclosed roles. The question many fans have is which canon characters may appear in the film that have yet to be revealed.

Batgirl will be a motion picture made for the HBO Max streaming platform

bat girl

The DCEU is growing rapidly this year, with black adam, the flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom all arrived this year, followed by Shazam! Fury of the gods and blue beetle in 2023, not counting the fifteen other projects under discussion for the future. While bat girl is headed straight to streaming on HBO Max, that doesn’t mean the film’s production values ​​will fall short of any big-screen blockbusters to come in the next few years.

The rapid rise in streaming subscribers has put pressure on HBO Max, Netflix, Disney, Apple TV, Amazon and others to create content that will not only entice audiences, but keep them later. . Where only a few years ago there was a chasm between the worlds of cinema and streaming, the Covid pandemic has accelerated the inevitable and all but erased the dividing line both in terms of budget and talent. actor. Stars who previously would only have been seen on the big screen are now happy to appear in a Netflix exclusive, and Oscar-winning directors such as Steven Spielberg, who have in the past had their doubts about the streaming world over a cinematic experience, changed their minds and signed deals to create exclusive streaming content.

While Warner Bros. continues to expand the world of DC in ways they failed to do in the early years of the DCEU, while also offering standalone projects with films like The Batman and its subsequent spinoffs and sequels, there’s never been a better time to be a DC and Marvel fan. Growing budgets and streaming productions have allowed the two comic book giants to create the kind of content that wouldn’t have been possible through cinema and network television alone.

JK Simmons Officially Returns as James Gordon in HBO Max's Batgirl Movie
JK Simmons Officially Returns as James Gordon in HBO Max’s Batgirl Movie

Justice League actor JK Simmons will reprise his role for Batgirl with Jacob Scipio also joining the cast in a mystery role.

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