As the photo with Tomar ripples, cult leader Nihang said he was offered money to leave the Singhu site.

An alleged photograph of Nihang sect leader Baba Aman Singh with Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar sparked controversy on Tuesday, with the Sikh religious leader alleging that the Center had offered money to the Nihangs to leave the farmers’ protest site in Singhu.

The photograph – which includes former Punjab police officer Gurmeet Singh Pinky, who was removed from his post and convicted in a murder case, and BJP chief Harwinder Garewal – is believed to be from a meeting about two years ago. month.

A member of the Aman Singh sect is the main accused in the Singhu lynching of a Dalit Sikh. Aman Singh had justified the murder in his remarks after the incident.

“I was offered Rs 10 lakh for leaving the farmers’ protest site; Rs 1 lakh was also offered to my organization. But we cannot be bought, ”Aman Singh said on Tuesday. He said the Nihang organizations would take a call on October 27, whether or not they should stay in Singhu.
The Ministry of Agriculture did not respond to questions on the subject.

Contacted, Gurmeet Singh said: “It is true that I know Baba Aman, and we went to the minister in August. But the purpose of the visit was different. I went for personal work. Cult leader Nihang was talking about Farm Bills. But no offer of money was made to him in front of me. I don’t know what happened between him and Tomar.

Tomar met with the leaders of the farmers’ protest to negotiate a solution to the deadlock on farm laws.

Meanwhile, CM Punjabi deputy Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa said on Tuesday that the alleged photograph of Tomar with the Nihang leader had raised “suspicion in people’s minds.”

Without naming a name, Randhawa claimed that the same Nihang chief “defended” the main accused in the murder. The Nihang group accused the victim of desecrating a Sikh holy book.
“Given the recent revelations that one of Nihang’s leaders had already been in contact with the Indian government, Agriculture Minister NS Tomar in particular, the lynching incident has now taken a different turn,” Randhawa said in a statement.

“There seemed to be a deep-rooted conspiracy to defame the agitation of farmers,” the minister said.
He said that Lakhbir Singh, the Dalit victim who belonged to the village of Cheema Kalan in the Tarn Taran district, was very poor. “We have to find out who drew him to the Singhu border and who paid for his trip because he couldn’t even pay for his meals,” the Punjab minister said.

Deputy CM said he tasked the local administration to find out under what circumstances the man was taken from his home at the Singhu border.

“In view of the recent photographic evidence available, the head of Nihang will also have to explain in what capacity he met the Minister of Agriculture of the Union NS Tomar and if he was mandated to do so by the farmers’ organizations. who are leading the campaign against the three black farms. laws. “

Given the importance of the place where the “leader Nihang” camped, “it was obligatory on his part to keep the farmers’ unions informed and kept informed of his meetings with the Minister of the Union”, he said. Randhawa said.

“This has raised real doubts and suspicions in the minds of people and these need to be clarified,” he added.

The minister said the Punjab government will do everything to get to the root of the “conspiracy” and expose and punish the culprits.

Former state congressman Sunil Jakhar said “agencies” could play a role in the murder at the Singhu border. But he did not specify this.

“There is certainly something more than what is obvious,” he said in a statement.

“The BJP has long tried to tarnish the struggle of secular farmers as a Sikh movement to label Sikh protesters as activists,” Jakhar said, adding that the Punjabis are the armed wing of the country.

He demanded a thorough investigation into the events leading to the death.

Lakhbir Singh was brutally killed last week and his body was tied to a barricade at the farmers’ protest site with a severed hand and multiple wounds from sharp weapons. Sarabjit Singh, who was among the Nihang arrested for the murder, claimed he “punished” the man for “desecrating” a Sikh holy book.

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